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  1. Looks like the bridge issue, you could refer to the macvtap network settings in page 3 of the comments from benwwchen. It has nothing to do with drivers. I have no idea why some users cann't have full speed in Unraid with bridge on.
  2. I feel like Unraid doesn't support USB NICs hotplug. I need to reboot Unraid everytime after plug in/out USB Nics, otherwise, it won't work normally.
  3. You need to modify the R8125 source code and compile it yourself. Since this is not easy, I recommend you to uninstall the R8125 plugin and use the built-in R8169 driver, probably it doesn't have ASPM settings. If the R8169 linux built-in driver also disables ASPM, then you have to find a solution yourself. BTW: If you are modifying C states in BIOS, it might not only save energy from card but also CPU. 4 watts are too much for just one network card.
  4. I have already updated the r8125 code to latest one v9.012.04. If this version is better, would you please trigger the build? Thanks. I would suggest to keep it simple since most of the user don't know the differences. They will ask what it is and we need to explain. Thinking of that, I would like to choose the best compatible one for them. Anyone who prefers a different option is welcome to fork the open source repo and build it on their own.
  5. Thanks for the info, it seems to be other reasons, I may not able to help you. Please try the plugin with a brand new unraid system if possible. Or if you have no problem with current driver, better to keep using it.
  6. I would suggest leave it alone if no issues.
  7. It seems your network is blocked from github, please make sure you can access github from unraid server.
  8. It is normal, and you can try to install plugin to see whether it is better. If not, then uninstall plugin will clean it completely. Better to back up usb disk at first.
  9. have you reboot the Unraid after install plugin? There is no log about loading driver in syslog.
  10. If the device is already working well, then no need.
  11. @BiLKiNiS You can run the command on 2nd floor, but if it was stable in the previous driver, keep it. Use the driver that works best for you.
  12. It seems the latest kernel may not be stable enough. My suggestion is to revert to 6.12.4 or even 6.11.5.
  13. Maybe you could post the diagnostics. Please take care of overheating issues with USB NICs when used heavily. Or maybe you can revert back to 6.12.4. BTW: I'm using 2.5G NIC for months without reboot in 6.11.5. There seems to be no other chips of USB 2.5NIC but realtek.
  14. @ich777 @eribre It seems cdc driver is quite complex, I would suggest to blacklist all 3 of them to completely remove its impact. cdc_mbim cdc_ncm cdc_ether