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  1. USB在Unraid里面使用,是用的Unraid带的驱动。直通到群晖里面用,是用的群晖带的驱动,两边的驱动都得靠谱才行。另外你这个断网,估计有好几个方面的原因: 1. 群晖里面的驱动不够新,群晖内USB R8156这网卡的bb-qq的套件,也不是蛮灵,经常要重新启动几次套件才行。最好是编译群晖的loader的时候就把R8156的驱动编译进去。不会编译的话,那建议用巴西人的arpl这个loader。 2. 网卡硬件有问题,有些USB网卡过热就会断网,散热还不好。除了换个品牌的网卡,没什么办法。加风扇都不一定有用,质量问题。 3. 不要热插拔USB网卡,插好就别动了,重启Unraid和群晖才能正常使用。Unraid对热插拔USB网卡的支持不咋地。
  2. 老bug了,Unraid自带的GUI模式,里面自带firefox就看不了中文。 这bug也应该不只是中文有,估计Unicode语言都不行。 参考如下帖子繁体字的解决办法。
  3. 只看芯片型号,不管在哪。这个RTL8125肯定支持,即使不用补丁,原生的Unraid老驱动也支持的。 RTL8156可能更需要这个补丁些。
  4. This is just a network card patch, it cannot impact VM. I think you issue was caused by upgradation to Unraid 6.11.5. (6.9.15?) The web content might be changed for VNC, you need to clear the cached session or data of browser, especially for the google chrome browser.
  5. ico可以下载到本地appdata里面用。图标路径: localhost/mnt/user/appdata/icon/xxx.png
  6. Maybe it is incompatible, maybe there is other issue. My rtl8156b is working fine, I have no idea what is wrong according to this log.
  7. 貌似用8代U比较原生支持, 新一点的9代和10代U需要打核显补丁。打完核显补丁还得打解码补丁,这时候VideoStation才能硬解。 人脸识别就靠我那个CPU识别的补丁吧,能用就行。
  8. Unraid的内核比较难搞的,我拿着那个适配PVE的源代码没编译通过,之前的6.10也有问题。估计要改代码才能编译通过, 一时半会搞不定了。 想追新还是用PVE吧,Unraid不开源,比较封闭,不好改。等哪天inte库l的代码内核更新上来了可能好改点。
  9. Thanks for reminding, I cannot find this setting, it looks like the setting does not exist for unassigned disk or passed through disk. This is a normal cache setting: This is unassigned disk Dev 1, all settings are missing.
  10. Unexpected spin down in Unraid 6.11.5 Scenario: 1. Insert one Sata SSD and pass through this disk to a Synology VM. 2. Mark the SSD as passed through in UD settings. But Unraid alway spin down this SSD disk intervally and VM will spin it up right away. This is very anony. It seems there is no disk activity from Unraid OS, so unraid will spin it down every 15 min (which is my disk setting) Is it possible to ignore the spin down of this passed through disk? I have no need to spin it down and just want to keep it running. Thanks. @dlandon
  11. 你可以到U盘看看有没有把i915弄成黑名单了。或者是不是直通了。直通之后Unraid自己就用不了核显了。除非用老的gvt-g或者正在开发中的SR-IOV虚拟技术才能共用。 6.11.5有非常新的内核,支持12400应该没问题的。 建议做个干净的Unraid启动盘看看情况。
  12. Two ways: 1. Insert Unraid flash drive to Windows PC, then copy the files, just like any other USB disk. 2. Change flash shared permission to public in Unraid Web, then you can navigate to the shared folder: \\unraid_IP\flash, copy the files. But hey, please make sure you need this patch. There is known issue 2 in the first post. You can translate it by google. Thanks.
  13. Just download the patch, extract and overwrite the files in the Unraid USB flash disk, reboot Unraid. If you don't like the patch, then overwriting these files again with official ones will recover it, after another reboot.