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  1. Thanks for the update. It looks stable for file transfer. We will add it to the plugin.
  2. Please test its performance and stability. If it is fine, then we could add it to the plugin. Thanks.
  3. If you are capable to change code and build it by yourself. Please try and download the source code from https://github.com/jinlife/unraid-r8125-r8152-driver It has the latest r8152 code, our plugin was built from it.
  4. I guess you can try the Realtek RTL8156 plugin. Hope it works. I have no idea where to find the official source code of the Alienware driver so may not able to help you.
  5. It looks like both nic were driven properly, but it seems you are using bonding for eth0 and eth1. The unraid network bonding for multiple ports is not easy to use. It is not working like a router or switch. You can disable the bonding at first, separate those nic, and then see whether it works. If you want to share network between different nics, you'd better create a virtual router such as openwrt. Passthrough the nic and manage them in openwrt VM. Or passthrough one of the nic to any VM and connect them with a real hardware switch.
  6. 打开U盘,删掉这个文件就行了。 /config/modprobe.d/r8169.conf
  7. 这两命令能出来这些信息,应该是没啥问题了。谢谢测试。
  8. 我们在应用市场发布了R8168\R8111的驱动,麻烦帮忙测试一下。 我们没有硬件,代码是直接从Realtek官方网站下载的。
  9. Good choice. We are also working on a R8111\8168 plugin. It will support the 1GBE network card later.
  10. 可以看看本贴的二楼 JorgeB 有分享强制设定2.5G速率的命令,也可以用到R8125上面。值得试一下,不过那是只能识别为千兆。百兆可能硬件的影响大点。 关于新做R8111的驱动插件,正在请 @ich777 帮忙。
  11. 100MB 的速度一般是网线不行。你最好找根更好的超五类或六类网线。2.5G需要两边端口都支持,网线也得支持。 目前R8125的驱动只能驱动8125, R8111只能用原来的R8169驱动,建议卸载R8125的驱动,用回Unraid自带的驱动。
  12. The drivers in unraid and in VM are not related. You should make sure OPNSense has the correct R8125 driver as well. Such as if you have a Windows VM, you need to install r8125 windows driver which is not a linux one. The passthrough network card needs to be driven in the VM.
  13. @comet424 My driver cannot fix the bridge issue, I guess there are other reasons for the PCIE card.
  14. For the stable 6.12.x release, I guess if there is no new minor version update for about 1 or 2 monthes, then it will be much more stable.
  15. I have tested 6.12.2, and it is not working in my server. I tried to add unraid nfs public remote folder in Synology and it failed. It used to be working in 6.11.5. The setting is the same. I'm using virbr0 with to connect Unraid nfs folder. I can ping but nfs is not working.
  16. Someone found that disable the bridge can fix the speed issue. But there is no network available in VM after that, you have to use macvtap to connect VM. You can disable bridge and do the iperf test. If the speed is normal, then unfotunately, you are encountering the same issue. I'm afraid we can't solve it from driver pespective, it might be caused by other reasons.. Please take a look at page 3, there is an English version:
  17. The diagnostic shows that you are still using R8169 to drive R8125 chips. The rtl8125 plugin driver isn't working yet. Have you reboot unraid after install the plugin?
  18. I'm not sure. The plugin system is quite complex, so you have to test one by one.
  19. @comet424 I said the r8125 plugin cannot fix your problem. Please do not test it anymore. It is made for rtl8125 chips but yours is RTL8168h/8111h, which is an old 1Gpb chip. I think you might need to focus on how to solve your previous errors, it seems all these erros are gone after a new installation.
  20. 你这不是R8125的2.5G网卡啊,为啥要装这插件呢。。。 现在看来好像Realtek的源代码有点问题,对老芯片的支持似乎不行。 我得去删掉之前从Realtek网页上抄来的芯片支持列表,只留下2.5G的芯片。
  21. Do you have any other 2.5G card to test? Maybe a R8156 USB network card? Some old 10Gbe chips do not support negotiate with 2.5G speed.
  22. 你可以重启进入GUI模式,看看网卡设置那里什么情况, 另外还可以去vfio直通设备那里看看实际的驱动是什么,可以鼠标悬停在网卡上面。
  23. 之前flash没任何备份吗? 网络配置丢失是什么情况,网口驱动成功了吗?这个只是装了个驱动,应该不会碰网络配置。
  24. I mean your previous plugins, you should have installed some other plugins before. My r8125 plugin isn't the key, no need to try it. The built-in driver in Unraid should be fine with your RTL8168h/8111h network card. Just reinstall a brand new system and boot it up, then check if any previous errors happen in the diagnostic.