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  1. Yeah, just updated the Docker. And two or three days before the roon core. Everything runs just fine
  2. Quiet happy with this docker. Runs well. But if there'll be an update, would the docker container also be updated or does the core get the update automatically ?
  3. Hallo everyone, firstly thanks to @steini84 for this Plugin, I'm very interested in it. Hope to get it running the way I want. I'm running a relative new unraid Server in my house. AMD Ryzen9 3900X ASRock X570 Taichi Kingston 32GB ECC Ram 2x Seagate Exos X16 16TB (unraid array) 2x WD SN750 1TB NVMe (unraid cache pool) Dell Perc HBA Silverstone CS380 Case (8x Hotswap Bays directly connected to the HBA Card) 2x additional 5,25 to 3,5 Hotswap frames for another two drives (directly connected to the Mainboard) Everythi