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  1. I actually set up user scripts this morning to do that, so it would restart/auto update in the wee morning hours. Just "docker restart Valheim" worked as a user script For me I did a custom schedule cron entry of "0 5 * * *" which means 5am, daily. And I made some world changes, and then logged out and immediately restarted my Docker, and those changes were gone when I logged back in (just threw down some ladders as a test). So I would say no, an immediate restart of the docker is NOT saving the world file. I also tried it at about waiting 10 minutes, then restarting and looking for the changes/save. But they were missing then as well. That said, I waited about 30 minutes after I logged out, and restarted the Docker and went back in, the changes were preserved. So I think it's more a matter that the server is auto-saving the world file every so often. And that generally restarting the docker will not lose any changes/progress. But that said, if you were just building or doing something, and the docker restarted immediately, some progress would be lost. I'll update if I can figure out anything more specific in my trials
  2. You can just open the OS console by clicking the Valheim docker icon and selecting "console". That will get you to a Linux shell prompt, but do note that anything you setup in there would get wiped out in a docker container update, or if you changed a docker setting that redeployed the docker (such as server name, ports, etc.)
  3. Restarting the Docker worked for updating my server, it came back up with the latest version. Maybe make sure you've stopped the Docker entirely, and then start it? It should just auto-update. I would say if it's not showing up within a half hour, I'd look to make sure you have the correct ports forwarded on your firewall (and are forwarded correctly). And also make sure your docker "server name" field is correct, that is going to be the name it shows up as in the public server list. By default if you didn't change it on deploying the docker, it's called "Valheim Docker".
  4. Just thought I'd share my experience setting up a Valheim server with this docker app from @ich777(thank you!) You don't need to worry about Steam authentication for Valheim, the default anonymous user can download and host a server (yay!), so no fuss with Steam users or Steam Guard to worry about. Deploy the docker as provided, leaving username & password blank. The Server Name field is important, this is how your name will appear in the public server list in Valheim. (as of this writing there are 7 "Valheim Docker" server names, good luck finding yours! So choose something unique that you and your friends can find. World Name is the name of your world, this can be anything, if you wish to import a single-player or self-hosted save file in your docker, this name must be set to the same name/spelling as your save game world. Save the docker/let it install. You'll want to make sure your firewall or router has UDP ports 2456-2458 forwarded to your Unraid server's IP so the game can work as intended. In 10-15 minutes typically you should see your server name in the public server list in Valheim, you're done! * if you wish to import a previous save file, you need to make sure the Docker is Stopped first. Then browse your local computer's profile, typically in "%appdata%\..\LocalLow\IronGate\Valheim\worlds" you will find your save games. You'll want to take a copy of your world files, database, everything named the same as your world name over to your docker data files, by default with this docker settings should be: \\<your unraid server IP or name>\appdata\valheim\.config\unity3d\IronGate\Valheim\worlds Place your save game files in there, and overwrite any existing newly generated world of the same name with your save game. Start the Docker, wait for it to appear in Valheim, join & play! I hope this was helpful for someone, took a bit to figure out the exact steps to follow