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  1. when i manually edited /boot/config/smart-one.cfg with [ST10000NM001G-Identification_1] hotTemp="48" [ST10000NM001G-Identification_2] hotTemp="48" [ST10000NM001G-Identification_3] hotTemp="48" [ST10000NM001G-Identification_4] hotTemp="48" [ST10000NM001G-Identification_5] hotTemp="48" it seams to help
  2. i have 5x "Seagate Exos X16 10TB ST10000NM001G" with "Unride 6.9.2" disks are unassigned because i use zfs they are hovering temperature wise between 44 and 46 C which is ideal for lots of notifications (default threshold is set for 45) when i click "Dev 1" on "Dashboard" enter 48 in "Warning disk temperature threshold (°C)" and click "Apply" it work, but when i click again "Dashboard" -> "Dev 1" "Warning disk temperature threshold (°C)" is empty (there is only placeholder 45) can anybody tell me how to set "Warning disk temperature threshold"
  3. thanks for grate plugin & feature request @steini84 can you add bash-completion support?