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  1. I'm having the same problem but with pihole/pihole container. Does anyone found a solution? I have 11 containers running and only have problems with that one.
  2. There are two br0. 1 - System network br0, which is a bridge for your network connections. Up to a certain point we can call it the "physical network br0". 2 - Docked network named br0 that can contains any configuration linked (parent) to any network. The docker configuration br0 that we used to have is just a configuration linked (parent) to the System network br0. You can create a docker network named anything you want linked to the "physical" br0 (parent=br0).
  3. Docker "br0" is just a "config" named br0 attached to the real br0. Even if you create a "mybr0" in docker, you can attach it to the real br0. You can create like this: docker network create -d macvlan --subnet=192.168.X.X/24 --gateway=192.168.X.X -o parent=br0 mybr0 Change the IPs for matching your configs. The last parameter is the name of your docker network, and the previous one is the network it should be attached.
  4. Hi friend, as a temporary solution (before fixing my router's IP) I set docker configs to "Preserve user defined networks" to yes and created a macvlan network with the name "mybr0" so, I set my docker's containers to use this network. Don't manually create a network named "br0" as it is removed on restart.
  5. After checking my network here, I think I found the problem. My router wasn't answering as the IP fd00::1. After fixing it, now the routing table is a little different in unraid: But settings in docker config are the same: The question now is: why it stopped working only after the upgrade?
  6. After testing here, I think I found the problem but I don't know how to solve. I believe that the problem is with IPv6 gateway. If i try to reproduce this config by command I get: Look that the gateway is in a different subnet. However my network settings are correct: Unraid should be get confused with the other gateway that is added automatically by ipv6 autoconfig. If I manually add the network with correct gateway it works:
  7. If I manually run this command, it works. docker network create -d macvlan --subnet= --gateway= -o parent=br0 br0 it works
  8. Deselected, applied, selected, applied. Also tried putting an fixed ip in my network settings. Same problem.
  9. After upgrading from 6.8.3 to 6.9.1 (this morning) docker in GUI doesn't show 'br0' in network types. As a result I can't set an specific IP for a docker container and also can't use them. servidor-diagnostics-20210311-1010.zip