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  1. Okay perfect and thanks for the fast response an the work! Stay safe!
  2. Thanks for the answer! Yeah sure i ment 6.9. So when i understand it right i can use your jellyfin Container without GPU support and if 6.9 comes out i just activate the driver in the container and the modules in Unraid and i can use my APU´s GPU from then on ? So this is not a Beta or hardly modified Version of Jellyfin or anything its just prepared to use GPUs with Unraid 6.9 or the 6.9 RC. Cheers
  3. Hey there, thanks for the great work. I am looking to install Jellyfin on my Unraid. Does it make Sense to use this Version with my R3 4350 Pro and Unraid 6.8.3 so i am prepared when Unraid 8.9 is released and i can officially use the AMD GPU? Or should i use another Version from linuxserver for example until 8.9 Final is out ? Thanks and keep up the awesome work!