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  1. CorneliousJD, I got Photoview running, and it was quite a bit of trying different things. So initially I couldn't get Photoview to load no matter what. Looking through the logs it seemed like it was having trouble pinging the mysql server. I tried a fresh install of mariadb and back to mysql and still nothing. What made me suspicious was that the mysql docker wouldn't accept my login credentials even though I changed them. What worked: I set up a fresh mysql docker and used the docker-composer.yml template to set the login and passwords in the initial setup. I used the same settings to in Photoview and viola, it worked! So the mysql docker isn't update the database with any changes, which is what I kept doing after install. Whatever settings are used in the initial install, that's what the docker will use. Hopefully itll help someone else with this too.
  2. So, the unRAID version of Photoview doesn't work with the standard instructions. First step is to install a local mysql server, but the Photoview docker is not accessible via console, its just a blank screen. "1. Install a local mysql server, and make a new database" So I set up mysql in another docker, set up a user and created a new database, but Photoview does not want to connect. A line in the logs say "no .env file", but there is no way to access the docker via console to do anything about that. Any suggestions?