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  1. Hello brettm357, and thank you for all your work. Would it be possible to have the latest updates, or make it posble for users to run updates inside the docker?
  2. Thanx binhex for all your contribution to the Unraid community, I tried your advise, but as soon as I change the port to 58846 and restart deluge I am not able to open it any more. I have tried 3 times from scratch and always same result. After some playing around I noticed that port 58846 is by default the demon port. Why opening an incoming port when I am having trouble with outgoing traffic? I also did try VPN with PIA out (but with another router) and I got simulare result that good DL speed but almost no upload.
  3. Hi every body and happy new year. One of my new years resolution last year was to have my media server fully functional as I want it to work. Long story short that didn't happen so nows the plan to finish that. Regarding Delauge it DL files at full speed, but UL is really slow, and moste of the time there is no UL going on. My router is Ubiquiti USG and I have enabled UPnP on it. I am not running any VPN at the moment while I am figuring this out. I have been trying a lot of things, but nothing seems to be in the right direction If any one can assist it would be much apprichiated.
  4. Do you know if one could manually update the container without using unraid updater?
  5. Just wondering if we can expect an update, long time since lase update. Please advise.