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  1. Awesome, thanks. That'll make it interesting if you do update to copy the reverse way. Goodluck
  2. Oh, the name I set specifically for OneDrive. OK, that worked. I can see the files on OneDrive now Thanks. So if I want to repeat the process for copying the same files to Google Drive too, does that mean I need another whole Docker? Or can I put multiple entries in this field, for the other configs that are setup too? Cheers
  3. Do I have to choose a whole share or can I choose a folder within a share? In my backups share, I have a folder called onedrive and I want all files/folders within that to go to my OneDrive in a folder called remote? Have I configured that right?
  4. Is this option still coming? I work out of OneDrive on multiple PCs and would like to backup my OneDrive to Unraid. As I don't sync all files on th ePCs I'm working on to save space. Cheers
  5. I have a second nic in my server on the same subnet. I'm not trying separate access to anything per se. I was just trying to offload some traffic to another nic for external emby users. My firewall rule points to the 2nd nic. Emby goes through Swag currently and all is working, but when I monitor traffic with Grafana. I think people are accessing/browsing via the second nic, but when emby starts streaming out, all the traffic seems to go through the 1st nic. Can I change the mapped host IP on swag? Maybe that'll force all the streaming traffic for external users Or should I setup a second bridge network or something?
  6. Ok, one last thing. Is there something special I need to do to make radarr/sonarr to talk to binhex-delugevpn, when radarr/sonarr are going through binhex-sabnzbdvpn? I keep getting; Other then that, all containers are running and I can connect to them all. All indexers are working. Just can't connected to Deluge in radarr/sonarr. Edit: And connecting to SABNZ is all good too. Edit2: I guess I could download the normal Deluge docker and route that through SABNZ. Then I could just use localhost like I did for Sonarr/Radarr connecting to SABNZ. Edit3: I tried various combos for Host; Server IP, localhost. But oddly putting in the Docker IP works;
  7. I was looking in the wrong spot. All good now. Back to using my original port 17878 when it was going through deluge.
  8. It doesn't seem to want to map? It should be port 9988 on the Host side in the image below right?
  9. Yep. Cool. Thanks guys. So booting to legacy is better if possible for utilizing the nVidia driver? Which in turn may help with transcode downsizing 4k to 1080p? I generally don't do that anyway. But I'm interested in testing. I'll have a go later today. Cheers
  10. UEFI Can I set to boot legacy from the Unraid interface? So I can do it remotely? or will I need to be in front of it and do it in the bios?
  11. I updated to 6.9 stable today. Previously I was using the old nvidia plugin on 6.8.3 for Emby HW transcoding and all was good. Emby wouldn't start cuz the old plugin and settings were still there. I deleted it and clear all the settings. Got it working without it. Then I downloaded the new nVidia plugin and setup all the settings again. It works... but it doesn't seem as good as before? Maybe my memory is a little fuzzy. But I usually test by choosing a 4k movie and stream to a 1080p device. In this case Emby in Chrome. It starts and I can see hardware transcoding going. But not too long the stream will freeze. After a couple reboots and looking around for other options and testing other 4k movies. It still freezes. I tried a different device, Samsung Note 10. It played a little longer but still froze. I change the settings in Emby to turn off HW transcoding and my CPU can play the whole 4k movie to 1080p device no probs. Ultimately this shouldn't be a real issue for me, as I keep 4k in a separate library and don't share it out to my users. And I will only play 4k movies on a 4k device locally. Anyway, was just wondering if anyone else was having similar issue? Micro-Star International Co., Ltd. X399 SLI PLUS AMD Ryzen Threadripper 2920X 12-Core @ 4150 MHz 32GB DDR4 NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1660
  12. What are people doing when running multiple instances of a docker? I have 2 Radarrs. One for 4k, to automatically keep the library separate. But the only way I could get it running through Privoxy was to run Radarr through SABNZ and Radarr-4k through Deluge. After fixing this up as per Q24 to Q26 in the FAQ. All is working except the Radarr going through SABNZ can't see Deluge and the Radarr-4k going through Deluge can't see SABNZ. The reason they were setup going through different Privoxys was even when I assign a different port number for Radarr-4k, it still didn't want to load. Maybe I need to go back and revisit that? But on my Docker page it looks like this; I'm not sure why port mapping still says 7878 and not 17878 as I have set in the docker and in Radarr-4k. Hopefully others who have multiple docker instances too can help. Clearly I'm not doing something properly. Cheers