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  1. Please consider add support of Python 2 for VideoSort, as the post processing is broken now.
  2. It's been running quite smoothly for several weeks. And suddenly the web interface stopped responding, along with all dockers. Tried reboot hot and cold, the web interface simply refused to load. File share works fine tho. Memtest ran fine without issues. 32GB memory should be plenty. No VM installed. Attached the diag file.
  3. UnRaid is the only box running 24/7 in my place. Would be nice to have a container for this so I don't have to deal with eBay anymore:
  4. Thank you headnail for sharing your experience! The LAN is a dedicated Intel NIC. I do have monitor and keyboard hooked up to it. I'll try to unplug them. Also will try turning off the plug and play in BIOS. Will report how it goes.
  5. Hang again today, after my DHCP server went. And I found the irq35 is eth0.
  6. Running on 6.1.4, usually I had to restart the machine every 2-3 weeks. And every time, it's due to this error: Disabling IRQ #35 All remote connection is lost, I had to physically log into the box to reboot it. Attached the log file dump via terminal method. Search for 'nobody cared' near the end of file. There are some call trace immediately after that, I don't have much clue about them though. syslog-201601171800.txt
  7. Thanks for confirmation on 8TB drives. What's the version of the firmware you are running, P11? By any chance you tried any 10TB drives with it?
  8. Attached zip file. Thanks!
  9. Acted up again, ran reiserfsck in the webGUI in maintenance mode, on the cache drive. Got the suggestion below. Not sure if I should proceed to --rebuild-tree. Also want to know if it's about time to replace the cache drive. ... Replaying journal: |================================== - 84.2% 545 trans Trans replayed: mountid 183, transid 11309566, desc 1535, len 1, commit 1537, next trans offset 1520 Trans replayed: mountid 183, transid 11309567, desc 1538, len 1, commit 1540, next trans offset 1523 Trans replayed: mountid 183, transid 11309568, desc 1541, len 4, c
  10. So far, sabnzbd is working. Will keep an eye on this error30 behavior. If the docker container is corrupted, is it simply reinstall to fix the corruption?
  11. Strange, there are no spaces in the path: /mnt/cache/.docker_apps/sabnzbd/config/ /mnt/user/myshare/sab_unsorted/
  12. Thanks for the replies. Logs provided is produced by Sabnzbd, and I'm using binhex's Sabnzbd container. Screenshot below showing the folders mapping. The cache drive is hosting all Docker containers, /config is mapped to the cache drive, /data is mapped to the user share.
  13. With the latest sabnzbd running on unRaid 6.1.4. Sabnzbd runs for half day and eventually stopped responding, log info provided in the link below. Is this a container issue, or is the boot flash drive about to die?
  14. Running on 6.1.4 with Sabnzbd in Docker. Did the parity check and corrected 13 errors. Then I try to restart Sabnzbd and it won't start. Sabnzbd started to act up since 2 weeks ago, I had to shutdown the server and restart, then it won't last a night of downloading. See log below. Since the config folder is on the flash, does that mean it's about to kick the bucket? Or if the config folder is in Docker's container root? Which is running in the cache drive. 2015-11-19 01:02:31,110 DEBG 'sabnzbd' stderr output: 2015-11-19 01:02:31,110::INFO::[postproc:85] Saving postproc queue
  15. Simple Features 1.0.5 just stopped to show the graphs after I installed phpVirtualBox. The VM is running an instance of W2K8 server. It was working before. See screenshot below: