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  1. ok, I'll try doing a BIOS update first to see if there any bugs that an update might fix. I appreciate your help on this! If I ever figure it out I'll let you know.
  2. The only hardware I changed was adding the P2000 and it's been a while since I updated the bios. This is a custom build with new hardware and I'm not sure what gnif/vnedor-reset patch is so I'm assuming I don't have it.
  3. It doesn't look like I can. I go to the settings and it's just a blank screen. Is there a way to go into the config files and manually set a older version?
  4. Yes, after I installed the Nvidia Driver. I was able to ssh into the server and it's currently running diagnostics. How long does this normally take it's been saying starting diagnostics collection for a few minutes. I waited a while and found no logs were produced and it had frozen. I'll shut down and do the power cord process in a few minutes. Edit: I am at a loss, here. It seems like the plugin installs ok but then the issue happens when I reboot the Docker service. I've attached the logs that I was able to get after the plugin install but before the Docker container service was restarted. bender-diagnostics-20210501-1224.zip
  5. I hope it's not dying.... I tried putting the old GPU back in and it's now having the same problem. Every time I try to get a diagnostic and just spins or times out and doesn't produce anything.
  6. No PiHole or firewall on the server. There is an active internet connection, everything runs as expected before installing the plugin. For the diagnostics I'm completely locked out once the plugin is installed. The webpage will just spin and eventual time out. I can remove the plugin and download the diagnostic, would this help at all or do you need to see it with the plugin installed. Before the P2000 I had a very old GeForce GT 710 just so the server would post and do very minimal transcoding and it worked as expected.
  7. I recently purchased a P2000 for transcoding and it took me a while to figure out when the server reboots Unraid never full boots up. I have to remove the USB from the server insert it into my desktop to remove the Nvidia plugin files and then re-insert it back into the server. Then the server will boot up properly. I've tried this several times and it happens every time. I've made sure the I'm booting up in Legacy vs UEFI. I can see it says legacy from the flash drive information. I've tried running nvidia-smi but as soon as the plugin is installed and the docker restarted the whole system will freeze and I get locked out. Any help is greatly appreciated!