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  1. Thanks yayitazale Sorry I should have said I have tried before to add unassigned drives to home assistant VM, basically the same way as you explained above and how i have successfully done it before in Docker. Unfortunately the Home Assistant VM always hangs then and I dont know how to troubleshoot that. Not sure if you use Home Assistant but any googling on this subject seems to point to it being very locked down intentially, hence the complicated instructions in the link I provided earlier. On my way out now but will try again as per your inst
  2. As part of the normal SMB shares that are created, there is Home Assisted Share called media which then has media\frigate media\cache frigate and cache are created by the frigate addon
  3. I have found this Honestly I understand about 1 word in 5, does anyone with more knowledge agree this is the best way on Unraid to get more storage to the Frigate addon for longer term camera storage rather than saving it on a cache ssd? Thanks
  4. Thanks yayitazale I got the addon running in Home Assistant and its recognizing my USB Coral, having problems with the hardware acceleration but thats another story! I'v hit a hurdle though, reason I wanted Frigate in a docker was due to easily mounting my Unraid unassigned drive to it to store all the media from the camera, I have been googling how to pass the same drive to a Home Assistant VM and to be honest struggling! As i am just constantly filling up my cache drive. Any idea if there is going to be a Unraid docker created for Frigate for the OLD CPU v
  5. Ok just trying it now with
  6. Hi thanks for that but when i go to I'm getting a 404 page not found Sorry if I am doing something daft 😞
  7. Hi all, hope someone can please help i have unraid and this docker working perfectly on one system but its a real power hog so I have been trying to get this working on my hp proliant nl36 which only has a AMD Athlon II, 2 core 1.30GHz CPU. From what I have found out this CPU does not support AVX, and I think that is what is causing this error below, Iv also asked on the Home Assistant forum post for Frigate but I did not get any replies. Any suggestions appreciated, thanks
  8. You sir JorgeB, are a gentleman and a scholar! Thank you so much for your help! System now back up and running correctly :-)
  9. Hope someone can help please? Had a 120GB and 240GB pool cache drive, was running out of space as i have a few VM's on them. The 4 shares i have that use the cache ( i think it was Domains Isos, System & App ) were changed to Yes and Mover ran, (tried Mover a few times but the last 10MB of 350GB of data would not move over to array. no idea why the last 10MB did not move but as it was for a docker i was not using i was happy to loose it) Stopped array, added my newly purchased a 1TB ssd, removed the 2 small ssd from cache pool section and added the