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  1. Hey rollieindc, No worries...totally understand. I ended up buying a H200 flashed to IT mode as well. Snagged it off ebay. My server has been up and running for months without issue...thanks in no small part to your post. Thanks again. J.
  2. I ended up picking up a H200 off Ebay already flashed to IT Mode and a cable off Amazon. In stalled UnRaid yesterday. So far so good....except for one faulty HDD. 😞
  3. Ya, I figured. Thanks. Back to the store. 😞
  4. Uploaded the full diagnostics
  5. Hey Everyone, Started setting up my first UnRaid server yesterday with brand new drives. Everything was going ok until I started the array and one of my drives started to have a lot of errors. I shut down, moved the drives around and started over but the errors followed the drive. I assume this drive is bad? (diagnostics attached). I'd like a second opinion before I start the RMA process. Cheers
  6. Hi Rollieindc, First off...Great Post! Lots of colour and details. Very informative! Thank you. I just picked up a T310 for a great price to turn into an unRaid server and I need to replace the PERC 6I. I was just curious if you looked at any other cards besides the H200 and H700? How is the H200 working for you? Thanks for any thoughts you can provide. Jason
  7. Hey Everyone, I just picked up a good deal on a Dell PowerEdge T310. It has a Perc 6I RAID controller which from what I have read won't work with unRaid. What would you recommend for a replacement? Reading these forums the H200 (IT Mode) and HBA330 seem to be good candidates. I am leaning towards the HBA330 to avoid the flashing to IT mode step of the H200. However, the H200 seems to be cheaper and I could potentially buy one already flashed. Are there any other alternatives that I should consider? Thanks for your thoughts. Jason