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  1. this was a world coruption causing the issue after updating the server backup your worlds everyone!
  2. I take backups cause of this I hope not may have to restore
  3. Ty I'll take a look in a sec is this player log or server log in the docker? Never mind me, clearly steamcmd log
  4. @ich777 i seem to be having issues connecting after the most recent update i was getting a game server version mismatch error but now that i have restarted the server if i try to connect i now just get a black screen and then a disconnected message
  5. the more you know thanks! i have ddyndns which may be my issue so i have to share my external ip with my friends lol soz if i sent up the garden path nano
  6. yeah i get ya but im fairly sure theres some issue int the game code that does not do dns lookup or somthing, have you tried to conenct to the external ip from an exteral host to ur server?
  7. xxx.xxx.xxx.xxx:2456 is the only way to connect or finding in the server list is only way i had some issues trying to use a hostname sub dom or otherwise in my experience
  8. are you trying to connect via hostname or ip and port as hostname does not work from what i have found
  9. Hi All, i have been loving the valheim server but am having some issue connecting to it now (after a recent update of valheim) and was wondering how i could force the update on the docer i have tried running steamcmd.sh to update but the builtin unraid console with no luck.