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  1. Hi guys! I think I'm a bit lost and I need some help. I'm sure there is a really simple and logical reason for this, but I can't see it atm. NPM with cloudflare and a custom domain works great if I set the "Forward Hostname / IP" in NPM to my internal unraid IP ( and port to an docker running on say 8080 or 7878. This works both locally and remote. What I can't get to work is the forwarding to the local ip of my VM that is running Emby ( When I change it from to I get error 502 right away.
  2. I'm glad to hear that it's working! I used a few hours myself to figure it out! Btw, I have "PCIe ACS override" set to disabled. Regarding GUI: I don't use unraid in GUI mode, only commandline, however you should connect you monitor to the VGA output on the supermicro motherboard, this will use the internal GPU and everything should be working. I'm using VGA on the motherboard for unraid and displayport on the P400 for Ubuntu. It's connected for troubleshooting only. I mostly work via PuTTy, TeamViewer/RDP.
  3. I only have 1 GPU in my system atm. I'm using the default settings for ubuntu VM Bios: OVMF Machine: Q35-5.1 Does everything work when you set GPU to VNC? Before using the vbios script, change forcereset="no" to yes. Then, run the script and press the physical power button on your server when asked. After a while it will be done and unraid is back at it. The vbios should be dumped now. Attach the dumped vbios file to your VM and set GPU and GPU soundcard in VM. This should work. Tell me how it goes
  4. Okay, so I finally figured it out. It was the network adapter in ubuntu that caused all the issues. After resolving it, everything turned out fine! Anyway, I also found out that dumping the vbios myself is a much better approach then using one from tpu and edit it. I had to use the "put to sleep" mode even when the card was not being used in the dump vbios script.
  5. I need help getting GPU passthrough on my newly created ubuntu server 20.04.2. The GPU I try to passthrough is a NVIDIA P400. I have added the edited rom file and selected both the GPU and "audio" from nvidia in unraid. Every time I boot it with the GPU it will not start. I can't connect with PuTTy. If I change it to VNC I can connect with PuTTY after a minute. Hope someone can assist me alittle, unraid is still very new for me. VM: Bios: OVMF Machine: Q35-5.1 SERVER Spec: Software: Unraid 6.9.1 MB: Supermicro x9drd-if RAM: 32GB 1333