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  1. So my buddy and I tried his server again this morning.. and now his is working. He swears he changed nothing. Wasn't working now it is.. maybe mine just needs to cook for a bit longer. At this point just consider me a lunatic.. because I have no idea what is going on with this.
  2. If you have a server setup and ports forwarded do you mind sharing information to see if I can see and connect to your server?
  3. Router: Unifi UDM-Pro (Up to date) I've since moved it to the bridge network of the unraid server which is on my main network it makes no difference. Also for context, I've run multiple Valheim servers in the same configuration without issues.
  4. So my buddy who also has Unraid tried setting things up as well. He is having the same problem as me. Forwarding all the ports and it's still not showing up in the list of Unofficial Servers. We both forwarded all 4 ports and ensured our firewalls are open. He did a port scan on me and I did one on him... The results of the nmap were the same. We can both connect to our servers locally via LAN filter.. but they never show up on the Unofficial. Also tried using Steam Launch Options (connect ip_address) to specify the server IP and that didn't work.
  5. So it's working... no changes from last post other than using BattleEye. So I put in -NoBattleEye to try and not make it a requirement. When I launch the game and choose the option to not use BattleEye it would not connect, and it would try to get me to install BattleEye. I did some googling and there were posts talking about that flag not working. So I tried with BattleEye and it worked. This is still in Bridge mode, which I do not like. I am not sure what would prevent my machine from getting on the container. I can ping it without any issue. But this is definitely something funky with the network. So at this point it's confirmed not a container thing! Thanks for your help!
  6. The log output I attached isn't the right log output? Switched it to Bridge Mode to see what would happen.. here's the log output of that. It shows up on LAN now.. I can try and forward all the ports and open the firewall for it.. but I really don't want to direct internet traffic to my Unraid server directly. So it showed up.. thought maybe I should check if it actually works. Tried to connect, prompted me to Install BattleEye.. I did.. starts to connect and shuts down. No change in log output.
  7. Still having trouble getting Ark Survival Evolved server to work. Here is what I've got. I went back through the thread and didn't see @Cyd reply, did I miss it? I tried removing the container, deleting the folders it created on the drive and still nothing. All of my port forwarding for the UDP and the TCP ports to the container are setup. Only forwarding UDP traffic to the UDP ports and only TCP traffic to the TCP port. (UDP:7777,7778,27015) & (TCP:27020). The firewall allows the traffic inbound as well for these ports to the container. Log for_ ARKSurvivalEvolved.html
  8. Yes this is the version from Steam. I found something saying you can't launch from the Steam Server list or you'll get the error I saw above.. tried to use a special launch param.. `connect <ip>` and got a new error. (All these are attempts I'm making locally.)
  9. I used the default template. I posted a screenshot of my settings above. All I changed was Name, Validate Installation, & Server Name. At this point I'm definitely leaning towards it being a network thing.. but I'm not sure how to figure out what's not setup right. Thanks for your help so far!
  10. After it's added. I right click and do Connect. The game launched and I get this... Back in Steam when I click View Server Info.. I see this... Showing :7777 on the IP Address.
  11. I am now able to see the server using the local IP via the Steam server command. However, when I try and connect it doesn't work. Also my friend who is not on my network can't even see the game world
  12. I don't personally play Ark. From looking at it via my friend screen share, it doesn't appear to let a direct connect via IP. At least not that we can find. I tried testing the ports locally using nmap. On the container I installed nmap so it was on the box itself... here are the results. also ran netstat -nalp
  13. I'm not sure what I'm missing here.. Attached is a screenshot of how I have the Ark Server setup... It's not showing up in the list of Unofficial servers. I tried going through this thread but didn't see anything I missed. (I have also updated my FW information and forwarded Ports, both TCP/UDP to be safe.) The log file for the container ends with this..
  14. Trying to get minecraft_server.1.17.jar to work with this. I've been able to download it, but when I try and start the server nothing happens. I verified eula.txt has true.. what could I be missing? No log file is created either. If I use a different version it starts up fine.
  15. It was DNS.. it had internet.. just didn't have a DNS server. Thanks!