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  1. no i not changed anything / other servers have the same issue i tryed my isp ip 130.180.....:2456 2457 2458
  2. server seems to start fine Steam Browser no connection / direct ip via game no connection not sure why the ports are shown as IPV6 i dont have it possible broken lan?
  3. sry for that ^^ i tryed first the baseports given by the docker after that not working i change ports:) i resettet and reinstalled the docker but still no connection i checked other gameserver they all have no incomming connection
  4. Hey Guys its my first Unraid Installation and i got Problems to connect Docker Gameserver to net. I tryed to setup a Valheim Server and testet an Avorion Docker both are not connectable from inet. i setup Ports in my Fritzbox / switched Gameserver Ports and tryed DMZ on the IP but nothing works so far.