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  1. Did you have any luck with this? Looking at setting up the same docker on my UnRaid server at the moment.
  2. Hard to choose one thing about UnRaid. It’s easy to use and administer. Managed to roll it out to a few members of my family and everyone gets along with it well. I moved across about 6 years ago after using WHS, UnRaid is so much better. Not sure what I’d like to see in UnRaid. Perhaps some sort of file balancing procedure to help when upgrading or changing drives?
  3. Ok, I had a Seasonic Prime Gold 1000W which I had been planning to sell which I have just put in the server, everything seems to be working again now though so fingers crossed problem solved.
  4. I have a home server which I use for UnRaid. I also have a VM running on the server for when I want to play games. Yesterday I had a few issues where by two of my USB ports weren't working. They weren't working in the BIOS nor were they working in O/S. Tried various things to get them up and running, but didn't have much luck. I have just pulled the server out of the cupboard to see if I could diagnose the issue as my first thought was perhaps the ports were damaged. Looking at them carefully they seem fine. So my next instinct was that perhaps my PSU isn't supplying enough power? To give you an idea of the build here is what I have: Motherboard: ASUS-WS/IPMI CPU: Intel i7 5820k RAM: 2 * 8GB HyperX Fury GPU: Inno3D GeForce GTX 1070 iChill Air Boss X3 SATA Cards: 2 * LSI SAS cards M1015 HDD: 3 * WD Gold 10TB, 16 * WD Red 3TB, 1 * Samsung 950 EVO 1TB CPU Cooling: Corsair H105, 4 * Fractal R3 140mm fans, 9 * Fractal R3 120mm fans USB: Flash Drive, Keyboard, Mouse At the moment that is all running off this PSU: Seasonic X-Series X660. (660W) Today when I took the server out I disconnected all of the drives and the USB ports started working again which I think confirms my hypothesis that I need a more power PSU installed. However I wanted to check that I have some level of agreement before I start pulling out all of the power cables and installing a new PSU, is there anything else I should consider?
  5. Noticed some issues on my server that I haven't had much chance to look at but wanted to get some views on. My Parity 2 drive currently has 256 read errors. The drive is still online so I guess everything was corrected - I have looked at the SMART results and everything looks fine. Anything I should be looking at specifically in regards to this? The cache drive has/had some CRC errors and there are some files on there the mover doesn't seem to be able to shift. I don't know if the two issues are related somehow though. I have attached my diagnostics report. Any thoughts/insight would be useful. tower-diagnostics-20180610-0807.zip
  6. Just as an update for this. I was looking to fix this today and found this solution: https://pyronexus.com/2017/07/28/hid-button-over-interrupt-driver-on-kvm-windows-102016-guest-acpi0010/ Open Device Manager -> Right click HID Button over Interrupt Driver -> Click Update Driver Software… Click Browse my computer for driver software Click Let me pick from a list of device drivers on my computer Select Generic Bus and click Next Click Close and the device should now be operating fine. Thought I'd post here as this topic ended up quite high on the Google search I did and wanted to ensure the solution was included!
  7. Lovely stuff, glad that I am not going to have to run through all potential hardware issues! Is that issue fixed in the latest version of the plugin - 2018.04.27 Thanks
  8. Just been trying to preclear a drive using 0.9.5 version of the script and 2018.04.24 version of the plugin. I have been getting back an error: --> FAIL: Post-Read verification failed. Your drive is not zeroed. Is that in relation to the issue you have mentioned there? I was about to run a memtest to see if I had any other issues at play. Thanks
  9. I'm running a preclear on it at the moment. Will report back.
  10. Luckily I do have a hotswap back planes on my D8000 so can easily swap it to another bay without too many issues. Will give it a go later today. Would it be worth running another preclear on it in a new bay? Or just an extended SMART test?
  11. Just added a new drive to my server (not in the array yet, just been preclearing it). Was just checking the disk log and noticed a number of errors popping up: i.e. Jul 7 12:01:51 Tower kernel: blk_update_request: critical medium error, dev sdm, sector 5555444736 The preclear was successful, I haven't added the drive to the array yet. Should that error be something that I should worry about. The drive is still in warranty so could look to return it if needed. One of my drives has a number of reallocated sectors, but the error above is appearing on a different drive. tower-diagnostics-20170709-1220.zip
  12. All working now. Just started my preclear. Thanks
  13. Both of the drives show the same "undefined" thing. WCC4N0KZLNH1 is already precleared (did that about a month ago). WCC4N0NF1KKN is a new drive to me (although second hand) and what I was looking to preclear.
  14. Think so. This is the version I am running: 2017.07.04