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  1. Gpu: AMD FirePro W7000 Hi guys, I have a strange problem with my Win 10 VM. It is running fine, but after I have installed the GPU driver it won't boot again. It just got stuck in Windows loading screen. (with no entry in eventvwr) Windows does start in safe mode. After removing the driver it is working again. So I assume that there is something wrong with the driver, but I have no clue what since I tried a few different AMD driver versions. The GPU is many years old, maybe I should try installing an older driver?
  2. Hi, I am planning to upgrade my current Unraid server E5-1620 v2 D3128-B2 FirePro W7000 into a low noise, low idle-power HTPC-build (Silverstone GD07)., and I need some help because power consumption wasn't a topic for me before. But I want to keep my bills as low as possible and be more "green". Since this server will be running 24/7 in the future - I want to build it with the lowest possible idle-power consumption - BUT with enough power for everyday usage and some light gaming. I want to keep the GPU for now. Usage: