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  1. So if pricing is not a factor, are you saying it doesn't really matter whether it's an enterprise drive or not? I'm mainly concerned about the noise level and temperatures, because enerprise drives are designed for use in data centers, where noise is less important and where there are massive cooling systems.
  2. They actually seem to be sold at a much lower price, for example - WD RED Plus 14TB - 410$ https://www.amazon.com/Western-Digital-14TB-Internal-Drive/dp/B08V13TGP4 Toshiba MG Series Enterprise 14TB - 330$ https://www.amazon.com/Toshiba-14TB-SATA-7200RPM-Enterprise/dp/B07DHY61JP
  3. Perhaps the question is more general, whether enterprise drives are suitable for a home unraid system. Does anyone have any experience with such drives?
  4. Hi, Toshiba Enterprise hard drives seem to be sold at a much lower price than traditional NAS hard drives like WD RED. Are they suitable for home use in an Unraid system? In terms of reliability, noise, temperatures. Specifically asking about MG08 14TB with helium inside - https://www.newegg.com/toshiba-mg08aca14te-14tb/p/N82E16822149785 My current setup: Wanted to replace the 6TB data HDD (which is more than 5 years old) with 14TB. Thanks
  5. Sure, thanks. tower-diagnostics-20210821-1129.zip
  6. IMC Bus Utilization is always active, is this normal? Also, the Power Draw also seems to be "full" even though 0W is consumed
  7. @mason MediaElch continues to crash also in 2.8.10
  8. I think there is a bug in the latest release. Sometimes when clicking on "reload all concerts", the containr crashes and stops. Didn't happen in the previous version. My settings - Logs - MediaElch 2021-05-03 19:07:43.092 DEBUG : [ConcertFileSearcher] Adding concert directory "/concerts" MediaElch 2021-05-03 19:07:43.094 DEBUG : Index is invalid [services.d] stopping services [services.d] stopping app... [services.d] stopping x11vnc... caught signal: 15 03/05/2021 19:07:43 deleted 50 tile_row polling images. 03/05/2021 19:07:43 Restored X server key autorepeat to: 1 [services.d] stopping openbox... [services.d] stopping statusmonitor... [services.d] stopping logmonitor... [services.d] stopping xvfb... [services.d] stopping nginx... [services.d] stopping certsmonitor... [services.d] stopping s6-fdholderd... [cont-finish.d] executing container finish scripts... [cont-finish.d] done. [s6-finish] syncing disks. [s6-finish] sending all processes the TERM signal. [s6-finish] sending all processes the KILL signal and exiting.
  9. https://github.com/qbittorrent/qBittorrent/issues/11150 It fails because qbittorrent doesn't have access to private trackers. I found a workaround - install the Jackett docker, then configure an indexer for the private tracker, then enable the Jackett search plugin in qbittorrent, search and download from there.
  10. I can't download torrents from their URLs. Nothing happens when I try to do that. I looked at the logs file and all I see is the following log - "Downloading '{someTorrentUrl}', please wait..." Happens also in linuxserver docker. Any idea? I'm using the default settings, only disabled the vpn and changed the port via the web ui.
  11. I can't download torrents from their URLs. Nothing happens when I try to do that. I looked at the logs file and all I see is the following log - "Downloading '{someTorrentUrl}', please wait..." Any idea?
  12. The migration process has been completed succefully! Thank you all for your help!
  13. When assigning the 14TB as parity, is it safe to reorder the data disks and change their current assingnments?