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  1. we know. this is only a rig with old HDD that we use for test (only the ssd cache is new) In this case when all is ok we will bui a new pc dedicated to it and ""clone"" the setting. but first we will that go all.
  2. all closed. for yet are only in 2 to work on it and we close all the task and shut down the pc (when we all go away) dut nothing. Every time we open it, it don' tell login and do so.
  4. semplify i used in this case Chrome, i write only the IP of the server and ißm going in without login
  5. ok, but i don´t have never log-in with password from a terminal. they enter without tell me. Only place that i log in with password is the server who i make log out.
  6. Is so how UnRaid installed. only setting i place are Array (with the relative Shares), Cache, any user, Community Applications and a VM. i don´t find the menu for controll "allowed the browser on any machine to store". can you help me? I've been hitting my head for 3 days
  7. yes, i have changed the password from the standard "password" to the actualy
  8. the server is only in lan (for yet). wen i place it out i set a VPN. the problem is in lan. if i go on on any other pc and i search in the browser the ip of the server any can navigate in the dashboard and any other setting menu. i will close or limit this possibility. On the server i´m log out but on other pc i can work on it anyway
  9. Buongiorno, Sono nuovo su UnRaid e attualmente sto facendo delle prove con la versione trial prima di procedere all´acquisto. Tutto bene, le cose che voglio fargli fare chi prima chi dopo le trovo ma una cosa non riesco proprio a trovarla. Se scrivo da un altro terminale in locale l`indirizzo IP:porta del server accedo direttamente all´nterfaccia. é possibile bloccarlo in maniera che si possa accedere solo con il login del root? Dovendolo successivamente abilitare a piú persone vorrei evitare che si mettano a smanettare nelle impostazioni. Grazie in anticipo
  10. Hello! I´m a new UnRaid user and yet i use the trial version for test it for wath i will do. all great, i find all but i see that wen i write the IP:Port of the server all can see and work on the setting. My question is, is a system or setting that close the menu and can work on it only with logit of the root? sorry the noob question and the bad english but i can´t find it