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  1. Im not experiencing this either. I have 6 drives and 3 of them spin down, other 3 are spun up for other reasons.
  2. I restarted the whole Unraid server and started the docker without going into the UI and it didnt run this night.
  3. Deleted all cron jobs and restarted the container, and the job ran just fine. I'll restart my server and not touch the GUI and see if it still runs tonight, i'll report back the results
  4. Will do, want me to report back if it runs correctly tonight?
  5. Still didnt run. Sadly your fix does not seem to have worked. Can i do anything to help you figure it out?
  6. It didn't run at all, even after the update. Seems like the issue might still be there. I'll report back tomorrow if it still didn't run.
  7. Updated it. I'll not open the GUI and lets see if it runs tonight Thanks! Is there a changelog or something of the changes you made somewhere?
  8. If you need me to give you logs or anything else, please let me know i'll gladly provide! Thanks for at quick response!
  9. Hello ich777, Thanks for the effort you are putting into these templates for the community! I've been using your LuckyBackup for a bit of time now, and all throughout the time ive used it, i've been having issues with the cron jobs not running as expected. It seems like they work for a week and then just stop executing at all. It feels like it stops working if i dont open the GUI for too long, but thats honestly just my best guess. I'd check the cron log, but not sure how to get to it in the container. Is this something that has been seen before, and can someon