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  1. I think replacing disk without stop the array is an important feature the business NAS.
  2. But I tried to allow only 445 port for TCP/UDP protocol. It doesn't work.
  3. I found it also show me SPACE NOT ENOUGH while I pushing some large(over 1TB totally) file from Windows client to the SMB shares host by UNRAID.
  4. Yes I already set up the VPN in firewall, but I don't want to expose all the local networks for the VPN user. So I want to just allow the VPN user to connect specified IP and port about SMB shares. Now, I can control the VPN user whether the IP and port can be connected. So I want to know which port actually needs about Unraid SMB services.
  5. I build up an unraid server and the SMB share folders, and I they work find in my local networks. Now I need to connect the SMB share folders from internet. Which port should forwards by the firewall. If forwards TCP and UDP port 1-65535, SMB works. But forwards TCP and UDP port 137-139 and 445, it doesn't work.
  6. Configs the user settings such as add users or shared folders permission and etc. The array service always be restarted. And the all shares must disabled for seconds. It would be disconnect if someone using the shares in this meanwhile. Maybe, the new config just effect the related users and shared folders. eg, User1 using the shared folder Folder1. Then I add another new user named User2. User1 should using the Folder1 continuously. But now User1 would disconnect from Folder1.
  7. Excuse me, can I change my email about the license? If so, how can I do that?
  8. Yes I got it. Thank you so much!
  9. My unraid just check the parity scheduly and found some errors. How can I know the what is that errors and which files related? Thank you.
  10. Thank you very much. But excuse how can I load the graffle file as the case icon. The file select dialog just allow uploads the png file?
  11. How about my fractal design Meshify 2 【机箱手册】Meshify-2-manual-v.1.2-2020-05-18.pdf PS: Add another picture
  12. I got it. Thank you very much. I'll try to set the torrent client allocate all the space as soon as start. ps: As usual, my large torrent file contains lot of small files(may be GBs per file).
  13. Im sure the array has enough space. In my understanding, cache should only be a buffer, and should not limit the function. Even if the operating data exceeds the size of cache.
  14. Download bt by transmission(docker) in unRaid 6.9.1 Cache: 1T ssd Array: 8T + 4T + 8T(parity) If I selected "Yse" for the cache option of the bt download folder. It alway show me the "not enough disk space" on the torrent(in the transmission) which size over 1T. If selected "No" then the space issue fixed.