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  1. Yes excuding *.log from RSYNC has resolved this.
  2. Think I may have the answer , I recently set up the syslog server on the array , suspect its waiting for that , will need to exclude it from RSYNC will try later to see if this resolves.
  3. Laptop just invoking the script via Webui
  4. Hi, I'm a relativly new UNRAID/Linux user and have a problem recently with Rsync from my unraid server to my backup NAS Netgear NAS duo , the rsync script hangs when copying the VMBACKUP folder syslog shows a upsteam timeout to which is my laptop that initiated the RSYNC script to be run in background and connectivity messages re the backup server. Can access both server data files and no loss of connectivity from my laptop (wireless connected) The CPU's show 100% and I can generally avoid a reboot/parity check recovery by using HTOP from terminal to kill the RSYNC processes Attached diagnostic log (could only gather diagnostic after killing RSYNC processes), any guidance on what the issue is and how to can resovle appreiated.