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  1. Due to your non intrusive update process the user has to copy the new and the abcde.conf by himself from the github repo !
  2. High, i already work with veeam and made a container which is capable running the veeam linux backup client. This solved plenty problems for me and pushed performance. If you will try, look for the container pk1057/veeam.
  3. Ok, created. You will have to decide if you will take the pull request in a whole or only the abcde part because i also pushed the baseimage version and moved makemkv to a ppa instead of self compiled. All tested and working (for me)
  4. I digged around, made a fork of the project and switched from ripit to abcde wich is more versatile and mature then ripit. With abcde there are no encoding problems !
  5. Hello, i'm starting using this program and while dvd/blue-ray works fine i have a major problem with cd's and umlauts. The log file shows the following: --- cddb: connecting to cddb: http send: GET =6 HTTP/1.0 cddb: http result: 210 Found exact matches, list follows (until terminating `.') unexact: data 8b08fb0a Herbert Grönemey
  6. With 6.9.2 still the same error
  7. Hi, i got it working tnaks to your info here and clearing out some smoke thanks to this side: So i tape drive and changer is running with the following setup: Info in unraid lsscsi: [1:0:10:0] tape HP Ultrium 5-SCSI Z63U /dev/st1 Important is the first 1 this lead to scsi_host1 and the 10 which leads to the target 10 in the tape source section [1:0:11:0] mediumx TANDBERG StorageLoader 0495 - Important is the first 1 this lead to scsi_host1
  8. Currently the iscsi module only allow to add/use disk drives known to unraid disk configuration. Will it be possible to add a "custom" device like /dev/nts0 or device folder like /dev/tape/by-id/* ? peter
  9. And it is working again. Thank you for your time and effort !
  10. Ok, driver is loaded but firmware files are missing. peter
  11. So currently downgraded to 3.9.1 and gues what, is it as i already had in memory. All tuners are up flawlessly without error messages. [ 61.693918] mc: Linux media interface: v0.10 [ 61.704226] videodev: Linux video capture interface: v2.00 [ 61.726621] videobuf2_vmalloc: loading out-of-tree module taints kernel. [ 61.728292] WARNING: You are using an experimental version of the media stack. As the driver is backported to an older kernel, it doesn't offer enough quality for its
  12. Yes, i will fire up your kernel build container and let the libreelec driver build. Then i can see if the tbs drivers are included correctly or probably identify a problem. Well in the evening i need a working system..... to keep family happy What puzzles me a little bit, you said ealrier the driver was build against unraid 3.8.2 but i'm running 3.9.2. Was it a typo or is there something messed up ?
  13. Yes i've done it now. But it seems that the required drivers are not in the libreelec package, tbsecp3. But if i read the Libreelec driver thread correctly the card should be supported. Could you revert the driver package ?
  14. Leads to the same problem again videobuf2_vmalloc: Unknown symbol media_frame_vector_to_pages. lsmod.txt lspic.txt
  15. I made modpobe on the cli of my unraid server. Beside the dvb driver everything else is working expected. lspic.txt