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  1. This is now working properly! Thank you very much for the fix! ( I only noticed now because i didnt get an update of the thread as i forogt to follow the topic)
  2. I did. Nothing seems out of the ordenary. I created a test folder only for this purpose. If i open a console into the docker i can see all files with the same permission. But files with umlauts are not synced. (green synced, red not synced)
  3. Hello I'm using this container and am happy with the feature set. But i noticed today that all my files and folders that contain umlauts are not synced by cloudberry backup. Did anyone experience this issue?
  4. Im currently struggling to install manjaro 21.2.1 Installation works without any changes to arch template. But after reboot i get black screen with one _ @binhex i tried to enter tty2 console in this state but nothing is working / it does not seem to react to any keypresses. Is this still possible? Can anyone support me here?
  5. I have the same problem (both, first graphql not reachable, now this json parse thing) Maybe its a problem on their side?