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  1. I tried, also with cleaning everything, even a new docker image. Only thing that works is cleaning everything and use 0.0.1
  2. Super stupid I forgot to add the logs, 0.0.1 works staging sadly does not. Here the logs. Thanks for the support @Josh.5 32a6a9eba4ccae16abef38ba88b7d6eea5a6f34ddd690a164093b0aeb029873e-json.log 93d5bb3354597cf60889e568e78b98d00b610437ec82d89c411e954504004a7e-json.log 468d568514c86e90f9be990ee945c6592c871f0b8729798f92fc5753127a3050-json.log 28746d57b6f001d76a80194be2cbaf4bc2983876da27556ef890ee5bc83ccd45-json.log 28817bb82bb9f8685e04674024347cc29f43913236c74d01c809e2e46d5091f2-json.log b9e86e810403951505cd61f73627027cca905c2724c8eaa42efc25844ce065b0-json.log e59e3c32252ca913a0476c88c8ac69b45ceee309416d444d53d0fca438c35576-json.log fb52703e95a4c3b2a286596c149c3c2583b5fb3b08823967ff77c94f492d7cb8-json.log fd26c5086b4f76b23fc4a419f82cb2db94380792a3ab47394c2cf3df0ee91f0e-json.log
  3. Hey ofcourse! thanks a lot you want to look at my issue. I love your app, it helps a lot on my unraid server. Logs
  4. My Unmanic keeps crashing since the last time I boot my server, I tried to restart multiple times. Also reinstalled multiple times. But nothing work. It works after a reinstall until it get the first jobs. I attached my logs, I hope somebody can help me