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  1. Totally understand 🙂 I have a old server to play with and fairly cheap parts if I need any, ordered 32 gb ram to double my existing setup for $70. But please enlighten me about what the plan of using unraid as a render farm contains, cant find any "dockers" or dummie-friendly ways to do this. Is it hardcore sudo work or is there easy tools to use?
  2. @Kich902 How is your project going? I'm also looking into making renderfarm for 3ds max for my gf in Unraid. She renders on a laptop...... I tried helping with a win10 VM from another linux distro on my R720 server earlier but I cant make it work. Reading up in front of it this time, but there is little to read 🙂
  3. Is there even support for render farming in Unraid? Thinking of putting my Dell R720 at work for my gf - she uses laptop for 3ds max. Rendering projects is making it stall for hours, and it gets too hot. Can't find anything for dummies :-)