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  1. NOTICE: Unrelated to this docker image specifically, but there has been notice of some malicious powershell code many may have used for fixing past syncing issues on windows clients. The code in question allows for a backdoor to steal XCH, the wallet mnemonic passphrase and possibilities to execute any command potentially compromising your OS. This code was already mentioned in a post on the partition pixel chia docker forum topic and may have been used by other members here. I know a lot of us have had syncing issues and might have used similar code to resolve such issues. Please take note and read the provided link. I would hate for someone to lose XCH or keep plotting away on a compromised farm who didn't know about the issue! source: https://www.reddit.com/r/chia/comments/nl94th/psa_potential_security_breach_for_end_users_who/
  2. STOP USING THE ABOVE QUOTED POWERSHELL SCRIPT IMMEDIATELLY! IT HAS A MALICIOUS BACKDOOR! Stop using the one mentioned in this quote and check over any similar powershell scripts you have used. Many have already been affected with stolen XCH and even the wallet mnemonic passphrase. The backdoor could be used to run any commands, so your windows OS could be compromised if you gave the powershell script admin privileges. Again, look over your scripts people if you used anything like this powershell script to fix earlier syncing issues!! source: https://www.reddit.com/r/chia/comments/nl94th/psa_potential_security_breach_for_end_users_who/
  3. chia version 1.1.6 is out, seems they are addressing sync issues.. from changelog "This is the initial release of our DNS introducer. We built a far too simple basic introducer that we hoped to replace as quickly as possible with an introducer that uses DNS in the style of Bitcoin. This release will now use both and as we gain testing with the DNS version, we will slowly be phasing the classic introducers out. This should significantly help in finding nodes to connect and sync to."
  4. chia version 1.1.6 is out, seems they are addressing sync issues.. from changelog "This is the initial release of our DNS introducer. We built a far too simple basic introducer that we hoped to replace as quickly as possible with an introducer that uses DNS in the style of Bitcoin. This release will now use both and as we gain testing with the DNS version, we will slowly be phasing the classic introducers out. This should significantly help in finding nodes to connect and sync to."
  5. You sir are doing gods work... this web interface is amazing. Clean and simple. You should link it in the /r/chia subreddit. I think it will get a lot of love and feedback.
  6. host (the default) Chia devs recommend you only run 1 full node on your network! I wouldn't change anything if it's working but if you run into issues later you know why.
  7. I've not only tried the introducers, I've even tried the 3 direct nodes and adding nodes from https://chia.keva.app/ I'm currently syncing on the docker trying to catch up to the full blockchain height. In a tmux session I run. watch -n 60 chia show -s -c so I can keep an eye on it. I have about 11 nodes connected, most I've had is 17. Many are 0 up/0 down but if you watch long enough they seem to get pruned automatically. More nodes automatically get added as well.
  8. I've stopped plotting on my unraid server altogether and just moved the plotting aspect to a different machine. I don't want it to add to the variables of this syncing mess. Seems like more of us are starting to notice syncing issues over the last few days. Some on this forum topic and I even see a bunch on reddit using both the linux and windows clients. My VM started to lose sync periodically for about an 30+ mins at a time about a day after my post, how are we supposed to win anything if I can't stay in sync? Since I was constantly losing sync anyways, I figured I would shut down my vm and fire up the docker again. Why? so I could try to see if there are any actual differences in sync speeds and if it's worth the hassle of running a vm for sure. I have minimal plots finished so I figure I had nothing to lose to try and figure this out for my fellow unraid members. Can't win if I'm out of sync anyways, and when I am in sync for a short period I had low amount of finished plots. I think something could be going on with the actual chia network. It's been said that many clients are running without contributing because their 8444 ports aren't reachable, effectively making them leechers instead of seeders (torrrent terminology). There's just so many variables about this sync issue and honestly it's frustrating. Is it the docker, lack of resources while plotting, the chia network itself, the quickly increasing netspace (beyond the developers expectations even)? Is it a combination of some of these? Ugh, It's exhausting for all of us with these issues I'm sure. If it wasn't still early in this crypto's life I would have givin up by now. Having sync issues and feeling lonely? Search sync on /r/chia reddit and sort by new EDIT: Some additions, I've compared my vm and docker config.yaml files (diff), no significant differences. vm chia version is 1.1.5 -- docker chia version is 1.1.6.dev0. Is this a different branch? I've just shut down both vm and docker and I am trying the Windows GUI client as the full node to check how it syncs. I've done all the port forward stuff and removed upnp in the config. Copied my blockchain db file over so I don't have to start at 0 height. It's nice outside, going to do some yardwork and hope to see the damn win client to have synced up by then!!!
  9. PROTIP: you can . ./activate before you run any chia commands and this will save you from having to type out venv/bin/chia everytime I see a lot of people doing the full path method, save yourself some typing this is the method they use in the chia documentation found on github!
  10. Yes, challenge response times will suffer if you are "harvesting" over an smb share. I know challenge response is hardcoded to a 30 second limit, if you're beyond this then you forfit your "win".
  11. SYNC ISSUES? For the fullnode sync issues many people are having with the docker, I've moved my farmer to a separate ubuntu server VM with dedicated resources 4 core, 2 GB RAM. Shortly after it started syncing like a dream and has been staying in sync while plotting on the docker and using it as a harvester. Watching htop from within the vm, I have seen it use 100% of 3 cores at times while syncing and it's just being a fullnode, farmer, wallet (no plotting or harvesting). The full node not only maintains a copy of the blockchain, but also validates it which I assume is fighting for resources when plotting from the same machine. I can't be sure, but I've seen a few people mention in the chia reddit suggest not to plot from the same machine as the full node when they were having sync issues. After I moved my fullnode to the vm, changed the forwarded ports on the router to the new ip (don't forget about that).. it only took a couple hours to catch up the sync and has been holding steady. More info about the different jobs (farmer, harvester, wallet, full node) can be found here: https://github.com/Chia-Network/chia-blockchain/wiki/Network-Architecture Help on how to setup different machines to do different jobs: https://github.com/Chia-Network/chia-blockchain/wiki/Farming-on-many-machines. After all this I like to use Chia Harvest Graph to keep an eye on challenge response times on my harvester. You can check the logs with INFO level set but this is a lot easier on the eyes Just follow the install instructions on the github, it should build fine in the docker without having to apt-get anything.
  12. Don't start the manager until you figure this out or else you will fill the docker to 100%. It's irreversible, you won't mess up plots or anything. Just you will have to clean up the mess made to gain back free space. Not sure what's going on there, the /plotting and /plots directories should point to their respective directories in unraid (outside of the docker). You could put a fake file or folder in there from outside of the docker then see if you can see that file from within the docker at /plots and /plotting. cd /plotting ls what's your output of the df command
  13. So I have swar plot manager running, had time to play with it today. This setup isn't elegant and probably isn't following best practices but it works for me. Please be mindful of this, if you break something, lose plots, etc.. don't come cryin' Open the docker console (click on the docker --> console) NOTE: not the unraid main console We are going to pull swar's git and install its python dependencies. Installing into /root/.chia in the docker which points to /mnt/user/appdata in unraid. cd /root/.chia git clone https://github.com/swar/Swar-Chia-Plot-Manager cd Swar-Chia-Plot-Manager /chia-blockchain/venv/bin/pip install -r requirements.txt cp config.yaml.default config.yaml You can now edit the config.ymal file using an editor supported within this docker OR from the appdata/chia/Swar-Chia-Plot-Manager folder within unraid (unraid console, krusader, a windows share if you set that up) Here are some values to be used along with whatever else you set in the config... chia_location: /chia-blockchain/venv/bin/chia folder_path: /root/.chia/logs/plotting temporary_directory: /plotting destination_directory: /plots now test if it's working . /chia-blockchain/activate python manager.py view make sure the drives look like they have the correct space and used space values (if not then your probably mapping to a folder inside your docker image. /plotting and /plots are the mappings used during the default chia docker setup, that's why we used them here. If you start a chia plotting process and these aren't right you will fill your docker to 100% usage! If you're running "fix common problems" plugin, you will see warnings in the unraid GUI. You'll have to clean up the mess you made buy deleting whatever incorrect folders you created in the docker. CTRL+C to get out of view mode If everything looks good lets start swar manager python manager.py start Now whenever you want to use the swar manager open the chia docker console and view (or replace which ever command you need.. start, restart). You need to activate the python virtual environment everytime before your manager.py command as stated by the swar documentation. This is the second line you see here.. cd /root/.chia/Swar-Chia-Plot-Manager/ . /chia-blockchain/activate python manager.py view Want to use the main unraid console instead of being stuck inside the docker console, heck even use tmux? Do the following then repeat the commands directly above... docker exec -it chia bash Enjoy! I look forward to any suggestions for improvement, I'm sure there are better methods.