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  1. NAS, Game server, VM server, MySQL server, Web server, Home manager, Chia farmer, I use it for a lot of stuff. It's a 22 core Xeon with 64 gb of RAM, 17 SAS drives, and 4 SSDs used for cache. I have a 40gbit connection between it and my main workstation. Unraid makes managing everything so dang easy.
  2. Thanks!!! This is exactly what I needed! Thanks! I'll look into the hot plug plugin. That sounds very useful.
  3. I'm currently using Dropbox along with a docker that only allows Dropbox to work on a single disk and in a VM with a USB drive passed through, but both options are pretty lame. I'd like something that could keep data safely on the array across multiple disks and also in the cloud.
  4. Is it possible to connect a USB HDD without rebooting? I need to pass a few USB HDDs through to a VM, but it seems like I need to restart whenever I connect a new device which is very inconvenient. Is there a way around this?