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  1. i actually just did about 2hrs ago on my back-up server. the install/ update went generally smooth. nearly everything is working... my docker apps seem to be all disappeared (wasn't much to start with, just madsonic, calibre and plex. what i get instead of the apps is a grayed-out pic saying 'orphaned image'. did not yet really figured out the solution. updating (as said in thread) is not an option - just not happen, new install to old directory ends with failure. will work on that later or roll back to 6.1.9... we will see. all else seems to work fine. what interested me most was the 2nd parity disk option - tossed in a drive i had sitting around, which fits the specs and got that process going. it is going, but i seem to have a huge performance loss for the parity check speed, while under 6.1.9 it was bumbling along at around 120-125MBs for the last 2hrs it is snailing even more at about 80-85MBs. i thought there where supposedly nice improvements. we will see - as it is, i am looking at another (gui estimated) 9hrs to see if it suddenly 'turbos up'. can update that later, if you are interested... ohh, btw... thats what i get on the dashboard screen under parity status: Last checked on Friday, 08-04-2016, 23:25 (today), finding 0 errors. Duration: unavailable (no parity-check entries logged) seems not exactly rite - at the moment i just let it run and see 2morrow pm what happen cheers, L ps: the verification system s*cks majorly!!! i am not into movies at all! wonder how ppl would feel if they suddenly have to figure out what the 2nd official live album of Sham 69 was??? i am sure that could be solved in a more common way! i quote here on myself - i couldn't remember the password for my old account, don't have the email account it was linked to anymore.... yadayadayada... anyway, after being able to look up my own profile i figured it out again and now i am back as me LOL. i will get rid of the 'one post account'. anyway, i like the new beta so far. still try to wrap my head around the docker issue. otherwise, the parity check is roughly going as fast as molasses flows uphill on a reaaaaally cold winter day! it did not turbo up, but nearly halfed in speed since my last post - how can that be, considering no hardware changes etc. - just upgrading 6.1.9 to b6.2-21??? cheers, L
  2. have to say, after running rc4 over rc3 now for about 2 1/2 days, the average gui displayed hdd temp is about 3-5°C hotter than before upgrade. still not getting alarming, but considering nothing else changed it is kinda strange. cheers, L
  3. i wasn't trying to encourage ppl to set up their own mail servers, it's way beyond the needs of most of us. i was just saying that nobody should recommend email services like gmail and the likes this days. i listed 3 alternatives above that offer encryption (which you can 'super enforce by encrypting in top of it beforehand with sth like pgp), no ip logging etc. there are more than this examples around. so, no need to set that up at home, reasonable save options are out there, same for other stuff. i just tried to call to mind, we are not living in 1990 anymore, not even wanna really mention snowden... just saying we all (law abiding, upright citizens as we are) should take it in our own hands to see that basic constitutional rights of us are still taken care of, even with patriot acts +++ in use. i even love the idea to say 'hi dad, happy birthday' and have it heavily encrypted. because even that simple line is something between me and my dad. i don't need google to analyze it and offer flower shops online as a result and it is nobody else's business along the line that my dad has his birthday and i like him enough to congratulate. nobody should go completely over-board here, but reasonable measures should be taken by everybody this days. that includes not to recommend services, software etc. with a more than question-worthy background. if i want my information out there, i will sell it to the highest bidder - i am not offering it on the silver tray. anyway, all that was just meant as a friendly advise and we don't need to argue that any further. each to his own cheers, L
  4. don't run it at your home server i can follow, gmail as recommendation is beyond me! maybe i am paranoid, don't like ppl to have semi-easy access to my mail (may it be big brother, or just small brother google)... to recommend anything like gmail, yahoo. aol etc... this days is just WRONG! we all should be a little more conscious about our data, mails, communication in general online! so let me suggest some alternatives with a reasonable security expection: for email:,, (btw, i also don't really agree with your argument about not having own mailservers, but we don't need to push that here) generally i recommend this days as starter reading about security for your own hardware, how far you want to push that is a personal decision. i have not really anything to hide (yeah rite haha, who has no skeletons in the closet somewhere...?), but i don't see a reason to make it easy to find them. cheers, L
  5. well updated a couple hrs ago. got rid of my old apcups plugin before. update worked flawless, did the docker img thingy - also no prob. so far so good. beside the one or other little cosmetic issue (some might be even intentionally) and the highly annoying 'hdd not spin down' issue after first check all seems to be a-ok. time for a spliff and some more checking cheers, L
  6. i would guess it's a minor oversight - since the array has to be stopped to make changes there, it actually works for me with stopped array. so, yep nit-picking . but should be fixed at one point. cheers, L
  7. you must have hit the the "start auto self destruct sequence" button sparklyballs just mentioned!!!! cheers, L
  8. You make it sound like randomly using the web ui will delete your docker.img. ROFLMAO L
  9. +1 sounds like the sensible thing to do! kinda good customer relation & pr-work , instead of telling ppl '...btw you will have to do this and that afterwards (and now go figure it out in the forum)...' many here poss. have little or none probs to deal with it, but many others looking at a potential scary and disastrous adventure cheers, L
  10. 2.95GB cache only madsonic cheers, L
  11. is there any update to newer (like v6) madsonic versions on the radar for the near future. just asking since 5420 has it"s share of issues. cheers,L
  12. just to chime in here on the complaints. it is a beta release, as others pointed out as well. so please stop bit**ing! i don"t have the luxury of a test-server this days myself. so, as much as it itches to upgrade.... on a production server it is a NONO! or you don"t care about your data. i have to wait this days also for a couple days and see what pops up, after that make a decision if it is reasonably safe to upgrade. it is BETA, means bug prone. usually LT does a fine job to release working beta"s with few problems, BUT shit happens! if you want to be on the cutting edge you accept that risk and use the chance to help fix initial problems, or you play it conservative and wait a little, analyze existing probs and how they might affect your system. you def are not pissed off, because....!!!! just had to say that for once. cheers, L
  13. I'm not sure I understand the reluctance to include the apcupsd plugin. It is a webgui that adjusts the apcupsd.conf file for the desired operation and starts and stops the apcupsd daemon that is in the apcupsd package. There are many using the apcupsd plugin and of all the plugins, it has probably been tested more thoroughly than any others. If has been tested thoroughly by PeterB with his constant power black and brown outs. What do you think LT needs to test? Including the apcupsd plugin in b13 would have prevented a lot of the update issues and not introduced any new issues and prevented a lot of headaches. Any adjustments in the operation you felt needed to be done could have been done at a later release. same as PeterB, i live in a country (jamaica) with constant power outages, brown outs and spikes. my house is generally set up with a surge protector, the computers with extra apc power filters and apc ups. your little plugin saved my ass more than once.anyway, what i do not really understand at this point is the decision to integrate part of the apc plugin, but not the rest. seems to me to create more probs than it solves. either you take it in the core unraid all the way, or you leave it as a separate plugin. as is at the moment it"s a half-assed solution and a step back. i hope with b14 we will see either, full integration or back to plugin which was stable, well developed and without major issues. personally i think it is not necessary to integrate everything with brute force. keep developing the core and add more features over time and fully. cheers, L
  14. yep well, maybe it would be not a bad idea to have sth like a beta12b version. which actually just focuses on fixing the most common encountered bugs in beta12, instead of introducing new features which may work flawless or not. don't get me wrong, i am pretty happy with b12! only real issue i have is drives not spinning down when they should (i guess thats better than not spinning up, but still annoying). but there seem to be more probs for other users. so why not take a breath, stop introducing all kind of new and improved features, get a grip on the existing probs and try to solve them... than go with new steam on b13 (or rc1). i am easy going using only one plugin and one docker-app. i would think for others the issues are a lot worse. cheers, L
  15. sorry wasn't really clear there before. what i used initially was: docker run -d -p 4041:4040 -p 4051:4050 --name=madsonic-binhex -v /mnt/user/LFI/Music:/Music -v /mnt/cache/appdata/madsonic-binhex/:/config -v /etc/localtime:/etc/localtime:ro binhex/arch-madsonic that led for whatever reason in madsonic with any variation to media folder not found, next i went up one level to just /mnt/user/LFI:/Music same result with all kind of tries... and so on. now i went for the /mnt:/mnt and it works. not my favorite solution, but hey suddenly madsonic can find my media folders, just had to adjust the path in madsonic accordingly. thx for the help!!! didnt even came to my mind before to try that! having a happy Lars now still wondering what the issue was with the other path variations.... anyway, it is working cheers, L Working off your first example (-v /mnt/user/LFI/Music:/Music) if under /mnt/user/LFI/Music you had: /mnt/user/LFI/Music/artist1 /mnt/user/LFI/Music/artist2 /mnt/user/LFI/Music/artist3 Within the madsonic docker what madsonic will think the directory structure is like is: /Music/artist1 /Music/artist2 /Music/artist3 So in this case in the gui you'd just share /Music to madsonic and it should pick up everything. Also, I hope you're changing your config directory for each different version you're trying to run or they will all step on each others toes. that was my thought as well, but it didn't. don't ask me why! right now i have it running with /mnt:/mnt - fine for the moment. it bothers me as well, why it wont see the other options. i will investigate further on that with a new container. so far i established that 5.1 is running a lot faster in the gui daily use events (i assume it's based on additional/ optimized caches for the gui) and also a full database scan went down from about 40hrs to roughly 12hrs. that is still insane compared to my old scan times of about 3hrs running subsonic as .plg - but it is doable, considering i do that once a week. thx anyway for the knowledge sharing. i will take your advice as a guideline again for the next experiments! hope i get that to work at one point as well. /mnt:/mnt does not strike me as an outrageously clever idea to begin with + i could see (just the layman's way of thinking!) that shorter path leads to shorter scan times - i do not wanna go into my logic behind that rite now, fearing to get a digital beating cheers, L