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  1. But when i do a new config all my data is gone
  2. But the raid controller was in hba mode. Unraid created a software raid
  3. Yes and now i attached it directly to the mainboard
  5. Do you have the plugin Tips and Tweaks?
  6. Hello I moved with my Unraid from a Server to a PC I connected the SSDs directly to the motherboard. See the problem on the photo: What should i do?
  7. I have solve the Problem. I configured vm.dirty_background_ratio false
  8. Hello Whhen i install/update docker apps the pull is extreme slow. Can anyone help?
  9. Hello In my array there are four 2000gb Cruicial SSDs. Two o them are parity. At parity check each SSD is ca 250MB/s. I have also started a Benchmark via Dokcer an the SSDs has max 320MB/s. I have also looked in the web and there are Benachmarks with 400Mb/s. What is the Problem? My hardware: Manufacturer HP ModelProliant DL380e G8 Processor2x Intel® Xeon® Processor E5-2430L 15M Cache, 2.00 GHz, 7.20 GT/s Intel® QPI Memory16GB RAM/ 12 DIMM slots: DDR3 Registered RAID_controllerHP Dynamic Smart Array P420 Riser Card1x Card Systems ManagementiLO 4 Storage Type2U 2-socket rack Drive Bays12 LFF drive bays Network controllerHP Ethernet 1Gb 4-port 366i Adapter Power supply1x HP 460W Common Slot Platinum Plus Hot Plug Power Supply (94% Efficiency)
  10. Hello Today I just started my unraid server. It wont boot. The problem was: Unraid configurationfile not found. Then I unintentionally transformed the folders into Files with chkdsk. On my Array there is a Backup. How can I recover my unraid?