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  1. I am facing the same issue... Has this already been done? Can't find any other forum post about this issue...
  2. Hello everyone, I can't get the newest build with makemkv 1.16.4 somehow, maybe its just a rookie mistake but I cant think of a different way to get it. I downloaded Ripper with the CA Template and which worked, it flawlessly detected my optical drive and the "test"-DVD, created the folder in the output DIR but never ripped anything while the log said: Then i checked the log in appdata/ripper and found this: So I deleted the docker and changed the repository to "rix1337/docker-ripper:latest" and then "rix1337/docker-ripper:1.16.4" but in either way ended up with the same results and the log saying that makemkv 1.16.3 is installed and an update is required. Maybe someone can guide me in the right way because at the moment I am clueless what to do. Thanks in advance!
  3. Hi everybody, the following "issue" is more of a question than it is a real concern for me. As you all know in the last day there were a few updates available, so I downloaded them and everything worked fine. Since then I recognized an higher idle power usage reported bei my ups and I got a bit suspicious after a little bit of digging I found out that my binhex-plexpass docker is utilizing more system resources after the update than before. Which would be fine with me if it got any new features or something so I looked up the official change notes but there almost only bug fixes done in this release ( Now that another update ( came out just hours later, I thought maybe something was causing problems in the older release but the docker still is utilizing the same "higher" amount of system resources. my system reported on the binhex docker: RAM: 50% higher usage CPU: 3-4% higher usage which relates to about a 5W higher power draw. Added screenshots of some system resources graphs. I did not change any settings or added new content since the initial update, which could justify the higher usage. I am not really looking for a way the "fix" this rather I'm interested why and what is causing it. Did anyone experienced the same thing or has any explanation for this behavior? Thanks in advance!