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  1. Some of my doctors will not run the web UI? Specifically omada-controller, zoneminder or Xeoma. I get a " This site can’t be reached refused to connect." Even stranger after trying to connect a couple times the doctor will automatically turn itself off. I've tried everything but I don't understand why these Dockers don't work. Strange enough I have a separate machine I use for testing and it's having the same problems. I've tried to using different parts and still no luck.
  2. I think the problem I was having is a bad power supply. I haven't had any issues since replacing the power supply and having all the dockers use the same IP as a Unraid.
  3. Ok, I think I have solved my KERNEL PANICs by not using dockers with a custom IP. for all the dockers with they're own IP I plan assigning it to own Ethernet Interface. I think this will help with Bandwidth as well. But I sill seem to be having a lot of ATA errors. I did replace all my cables with new ones. now my disk2 is down and I don't know why?I tried to reformat it but it did not bring it back. I am getting a bit stuck with Unraid. I am noticing files vanishing from my Shares with is alarming to say the least. I need to get a stable server and I don't see way unraid can't do it. I am wiling to change hardware if necessary?
  4. is this it? sorry
  5. ok had the KERNEL PANIC again now my syslog mirror is enabled.
  6. I woud like to add A hardware Watchdog to my unraid Server but I am not Cretan how I would install the Linux Utility. or if there is report for such devises within UnraidOS? PC Watchdog&cm_re=USB_PC Watchdog-_-9SIANJZBB04733-_-Product&quicklink=true
  7. Hi All Abut every week I am getting a Kernel Panic that is taking down my system. What's the best approach to try to solve this problem. I really do need to get my server to a place where it's reliable!
  8. Ok that works Thank You all for the help!
  9. I Drive one with Option -L I Get "fatal error -- couldn't map inode 2256498763, err = 117"
  10. Is was set to xfs before this happened. Don’t know how got set to auto?
  11. Yes I started the array in a maintenance mode.
  12. I did find this and tried " xfs_repair -v /dev/md1 " and get the same on drive 1. On drive 2 I get "attempting to find secondary superblock..." I wonted to check in before moving on.
  13. I Have Tried that. Unfortunately I do not have the option to "Check Filesystem Status" on the 2 drives that don't mount.
  14. Ok did that. Thanks! sill 2 of my drives are "Unmountable: No file system" don't know how? I don't see any of my Shares.