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  1. I just downloaded the CA Appdata Backup / Restore v2 plugin so I could do a backup of my appdata before updating all of my dockers that needed updated. After I ran the backup it said completed and I had a pop up saying that all my needed updates were installed. This is where I am having issues. I go over to my Docker tab and all of my Dockers have a ? on their icons. The links on their names to take them to "edit" does nothing. and the only options when clicking on their icon is Console, Start, Restart, Pause, Stop, Log, or Remove. I have tried doing a restore from the file that was created but nothing changed. I ssen a couple comments out restarting the server, I did and no change, to go to the apps tab and and get the binaries from the the containers. I am not entirly sure what this entails but I have nothing in my previously installed dockers and if I try and install a Docker that I already had it installs like a new Docker but with valuses that I just set. No the values of my dockers from before the backup. I tried to then restore after adding a Docker back that I had and the values in the settings are the same from the new install. As a test to see if the dockers still function, because they are still saying that they are running, I requested media from Overseerr. The request got sent to Radarr, then to SabnzbdVPN. SabnzbdVPN recieves the request and processes it. Then Radarr unpacks it and moves it to my Plex folder. Then it finishes with a notification to my phone saying that the job completed. Radarr and Sonarr both return errors of indexers unavailable do to failures/Missing root folder/Unable to comunicate with Deluge. Sorry for the long winded explanation, TL;DR My dockers don't seem to be working after backup. Progams seem to work fine but I can't access their edit function. This may just be a set that I am missing, if so any help would be great. Thanks
  2. Sorry it’s a bit later, but that all worked amazingly. After it took a min to figure out the indexers but, everything is working without a hitch. Thank you for all the help.
  3. Awesome! I will try this fix when I either have a break at work or once I get home. And in the VPN Q&A you mentioned removing all ports. Do you mean literally all the Host ports called out? For example if I wanted to move my binhex-sonarr over I would delete Host port 1 and 2? But then would I only have to map over the Host port 1 being 8989 which I have as 8787 (I’m seeing consistencies now that I’m starting to understand this). Do I do anything with Host port 2: Container port:9897?
  4. Okay, so as long as I’m tracking correctly; in your picture above if I set my WebUI of that specific container to 1234 then in the Host I would set that to 1234 but then the Container would be 8080 because that is the default port of that specified container?
  5. Apologies for the amount of ignorance here but, I’m new to anything unraid/docker that isn’t just click start to deploy and then it works. Are you saying that I can’t change the WebUI port on the container I am trying to rout to the VPN container? Or are you saying that I should not add a new port in delugevpn? I think I may have been unclear, I added the new port called sab in the delugevpn container along with adding 8989 to VPN_INPUT_PORT.
  6. My Bitwarden was set to 8080 before installing sabnzbd so I remapped it to 8989 but, yes. I had 8989 on VPN_INPUT_PORTS and also added a new port called sab with host/container port set to 8989.
  7. Do you set the application to localhost before you remove all of the ports from the docker template? I am not able to enter the WebUI in order to enter this value once I remove the ports even after adding the WebUI ports to the correct spots in the Deluge template.
  8. My apologies if this is an issue that has been dealt with but, scanning back through the past few pages I haven’t come across a solution. However it is similar to many issues. I set up delugevpn per spaceinvaderone’s video on How to route any docker container through a VPN. I am trying to route my binhex-sabnzbd through deluge. I followed his steps and I can `curl ifconfig.io` to see that binhex-sabnzbd is in fact routing through the VPN properly. Now I can’t see the WebUI. I came across the Q&A and tried to follow Q25-27 and set up the containers according. But I still have no luck. My first question is what do you mean to set the VPN container to localhost instead of Lan IP? How is that accomplished? I have deluge set to Bridge. If I set it to host it returns an error about the extra parameters not being allowed. Network is Server is I have deleted the port:8989 (had to change from 8080 due to conflicts) from my binhex-sabnzbd container and added --net=container:binhex-delugevpn and made the network None. In deluge I have privoxy Yes, I added 8989 to VPN_INPUT_PORTS and added a port variable at the end for 8989. When I try and access <server-ip>:8989 with another pc on the network I get a 503 splash screen. Says the privoxy on (172.17.xx.xx) port 8118 enabled. Then it says the connection could not be established. I feel like this is going to be a simple settings issue. Thank you for any help. EDIT: The error 503 was because I proxied my internet browser with deluge. The current issue is that the WebUI does not display. It returns ERR_CONNECTION_REFUSED.