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  1. I've also had troubles with tuning 10Gbe (Intel X550-T2) on Windows 10 (2004). And for now i've managed to solve them. Here is a list of a noticable things that helped me to get 9.8 Gbits/sec send and ~9Gbit/sec receive on windows 10: 1. Run tests for incoming and outgoing traffic. Use approved testing tools. I had a wrong test results with wrong iperf versions for windows. The one that worked for me was 3.10.1 the "official" 3.1.3 from iperf.fr didnt saturate incoming bandwidth and reported only 4.2Gbit/sec. 2. Install latest driver from vendor's site. The built-in windows driver didnt perform well (about 6Gbits/sec) 3. Enable RSS queues and set it equal to the number of physical cores or less. 4. disable all power save features. Set power plan to performance. 5. disable interrupt moderation 6. enable jumbo frames (9k) on every network device on path 7. Ensure TCP Window auto-tuning is set to normal 8. The NIC should be plugged in in at least PCIe 8X slot 9. Enable offload features 10. Disable AV/Firewall and any other service that filters network traffic.