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  1. Yeah, any fix has possibly made it worse, management access screen is refreshing every half a second or so, signing in and out also and sending the top right screen banner crazy.
  2. Thanks for the update, glad it appears I'm not going mad! I'll keep watching for the post 🙂
  3. Since this morning after a recent plugin update the My-Server login has started flip-flopping between being logged in then logged out every few seconds on both the plugin settings and the top right of the web management screens. Also the unraid My-servers page shows the error "Network error: Failed to fetch" followed by a 13 digit numeric. I've tried "unraid-api restart" in terminal, I've tried restarting the server, I've tried uninstalling the plugin and adding it back, I've added unraid.net to my firewall whitelist but it's still doing it. I'm now a bit flummoxed. Any help would be greatly appreciated.