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  1. I can't believe no one wants to help "train" an engineer about good cabling...
  2. The one thing I do know is that I can stand to touch the samsungs while the WDs are painful! (and I do agree that the location of the sensor is a HUGE deal)
  3. Would have been about 21C. I'm about into an hour of my post upgrades parity check and the Samsungs are sitting at 21, while the WD/Hitachis are all 29-34. When they were under preclear load they never climbed above 26 and that was sitting on the counter with no airflow.
  4. In the "Good News" department, I have to give a big thumbs up to Samsung EcoGreen F2 1.5T drives. Quiet, not blazingly fast, but the most useful thing is they run REALLY cool. About 10C less than all my other drives. 26+ hours of preclear and it never broke 26C. (I did have two of them going at the same time) So, if anyone's having temperature problems, these drives might be the way to go. Parity ran about 55m/sec for most of the drive. Maybe down 3-5M from the WD Black that was in there. Wholly
  5. OK, everything's been good *UNTIL* I went to put my last drive in. As it was beginning the rebuild, post format, it started to throw errors. This is after preclear passes and everything. My guess is that I tweaked the cable as I put in the drive. Damn it's frustrating. I recommend that we put a body part belonging to whatever idiot engineer proposed these totally crappy connectors. Wholly
  6. It is an Open Box deal but at $72.99, wow. http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16822152175R I made sure I ordered my two before telling you guys.
  7. Kinda regretting not just looking at it on the mount point that ubuntu gave it automatically now? (grin) I love it when a system helps me and I just insist on doing things the hard way... (It happens WAY too often)
  8. Note that an unraid parity disk is unmountable as it has no file system. It's merely a checksum for the other drives in the array.
  9. But it is protected by the parity disk and can be rebuilt - where the USB key is not protected. (grin)
  10. That's how unraid works. The data has to be available in two places if it is to be able to recover if a drive is lost.
  11. Some performance comparisons here: http://www.xtremesystems.org/forums/showthread.php?p=4163208
  12. For pricing, we generally look to newegg to get a baseline and then check other places to see if they can beat it. Prices change so fast it's impossible to keep up.
  13. /mnt/user0 is the view of the array not including the cache disk (which was enabled in 4.5 for Plus users).
  14. Either a syslog is needed or we need to congratulate you on getting bluetooth networking running on unraid.
  15. Note: This process will only work if all files were on the same drive. (Basically, you're forcing a simulated drive failure and rebuild)