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  1. @dlandon 1. about this, I think this is one sentence, but for some reason it is divided 2. Please check the help block :recycle_bin_shares_plug: Bin/recyclebin.txt#L42 extra lines 41-42 got there, they should be higher and translated separately
  2. @Squid Before writing about the problem, I checked everything several times, these lines are not in en_US files
  3. @SpencerJ Hello, here I will collect localization problems that I noticed 1. bug in showStatus('','') If the plugin is running, then the word "Status" is translated, but if it is stopped, then no 2. Community Apps - there are no lines to translate or not worked 3. Is it possible to extend the menuItems block a bit to fit the words on one line? And in the theme "Azure" Tested on UOS: 6.8.2
  4. @dlandon Thank you very much for the prompt fix. Please correct this small mistake too: "Recycle Bin is empty" - missing tags "Recycle Bin permissions" - missing line in translation This line has an extra line break
  5. @Squid Hi Please add multi-language support, tnx info
  6. @dlandon Hi I noticed that the localization file does not contain the line "Enable Recycle Bin" Also, I did not find where the line "Enable Recycle Bin for deleted files" is used and The "Recycle Bin" line is duplicated on lines 1 and 35 Suggestion: sort all strings alphabetically