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  1. @Squid Hi, noticed a couple of other minor issues.
  2. @bonienl @Squid @SpencerJ @dlandon Good night everybody. I made a test localization to debug the unraid localization system, it clearly shows where the translation of strings does not work, and also shows from which file the translated string is loaded it is also interesting to observe from which files the plugins take the translation GitHub: Online: example: str44|dashboard - where 44 is line in dashboard.txt file Now you can see problem areas, for example:
  3. Strings that are not translated or missing in localization txt files
  4. @SpencerJ the word "Online" is not displayed Also, there is no possibility to translate the description, settings and help for Notification Agents: Boxcar, Discord, Gotify, Telegram etc.
  5. this is just an example that the styles are different Word "Uninstall" and "Install" does not want to be translated "Results Per Page" can't be translated either. "Trands", "Show"...
  6. @Squid The translated word does not fit in size And in this style everything is fine, please make the same style Word "Uninstall" does not want to be translated, although it is in plugins.txt
  7. @dlandon String Recycle Bin is empty absent in recyclebin.txt
  8. @dlandon 1. about this, I think this is one sentence, but for some reason it is divided 2. Please check the help block :recycle_bin_shares_plug: Bin/recyclebin.txt#L42 extra lines 41-42 got there, they should be higher and translated separately
  9. @Squid Before writing about the problem, I checked everything several times, these lines are not in en_US files
  10. @SpencerJ Hello, here I will collect localization problems that I noticed 1. bug in showStatus('','') If the plugin is running, then the word "Status" is translated, but if it is stopped, then no 2. Community Apps - there are no lines to translate or not worked 3. Is it possible to extend the menuItems block a bit to fit the words on one line? And in the theme "Azure" Tested on UOS: 6.8.2
  11. @dlandon Thank you very much for the prompt fix. Please correct this small mistake too: "Recycle Bin is empty" - missing tags "Recycle Bin permissions" - missing line in translation This line has an extra line break
  12. @Squid Hi Please add multi-language support, tnx info
  13. @dlandon Hi I noticed that the localization file does not contain the line "Enable Recycle Bin" Also, I did not find where the line "Enable Recycle Bin for deleted files" is used and The "Recycle Bin" line is duplicated on lines 1 and 35 Suggestion: sort all strings alphabetically