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  1. Hi, when installing the container it throws me this error: docker: Error response from daemon: error while creating mount source path '/mnt/user/Nextcloud/BackupData': mkdir /mnt/user/Nextcloud/BackupData: no space left on device. I still have 610GB of free space. Otherwise, I have another Nextcloud and it tells me directly in nextcloud that there is no space and that it cannot write to the log. Any solution? From Unraid: From Nextcloud container: aelothtower-diagnostics-20240510-1616.zip
  2. I bought a LSI SAS 9300-16i from aliexpress and I have to say that I have no problem so far. I have 16 drives connected to it. However, I had to mount a fan on the heatsink. I miss the temperature monitoring of that controller. I'll have to look somewhere to see how to do that.
  3. Hi, I have a problem with NPM with a combination of Authentik and Sonarr/Radarr .... when I set custom locations it goes offline... LOG NGINX: [3/27/2024] [2:56:04 PM] [Nginx ] › ⬤ debug Deleting file: /data/nginx/proxy_host/47.conf.err [3/27/2024] [2:56:04 PM] [Nginx ] › ⬤ debug Could not delete file: { "errno": -2, "code": "ENOENT", "syscall": "unlink", "path": "/data/nginx/proxy_host/47.conf.err" } [3/27/2024] [2:56:04 PM] [Global ] › ⬤ debug CMD: /usr/sbin/nginx -t -g "error_log off;" [3/27/2024] [2:56:04 PM] [Nginx ] › ℹ info Reloading Nginx [3/27/2024] [2:56:04 PM] [Global ] › ⬤ debug CMD: /usr/sbin/nginx -s reload
  4. Hello is it possible to use this kontroller LSI SAS 9300-16i??? I'm lost in this so I'm hoping someone knowledgeable can advise. Thank you very much.
  5. And how would I be able to connect 20 disks to this motherboard ? But what can I replace it with? I don't want to buy a new setup, I built this one about a year ago.
  6. I checked the cables and eventually replaced the disk, parity stuck at 47% with a full log, I couldn't help but restart the server even canceling parity didn't help. In the log there was a problem with disk 1 which had 8mil. errors on it from parity check. i checked the cables again and found a problem with the molex cable, fixed it had a sync. done and fine and this morning disk 3 disconnected... so i repaired the cables and now i'm counting parity again. The diagnostics file is before the last cable check. aelothtower-diagnostics-20240226-2115.zip
  7. Is it possible to use permissions like this in a container?? PUID=99 PGID=100 I don't really understand this yet.
  8. This container doesn't have any GUI, if you want to look at it, it's pk1057/veeam12 on DockerHub. I have Root Privileges set, I have strong passwords there too, hopefully that will be enough, the container will only work on a local network in a home environment.
  9. The change may have been historical, to me it was a container that is not in Apps but in dockerhub, it is a container that should help with backups using Veeam but I need it to have access to /mnt to be able to backup to unassigned drives. However I was struggling with the container not wanting to mount /mnt, eventually solved by reinstalling the container. But I fixed the permissions on /mnt as they should be and so far no container or plugin has changed it. I hope it's ok now.
  10. I don't have the option to run in safe mode at the moment, that won't happen until tomorrow/the day after. However, shouldn't it be a problem to change them now?? chgrp root /mnt && chown root /mnt
  11. What permissions should the /mnt folder have?? I'm solving one container where I want it to have access to /mnt and I currently have the permissions (see image). And I don't want a security problem.
  12. Hello, I would like to ask how to write to syslinux config... meaning the shape of the write. kernel /bzimage append initrd=/bzroot pcie_aspm=off append initrd=/bzroot unraidcgroup2 is this the correct form of notation? or should it be written differently? for example: kernel /bzimage append initrd=/bzroot pcie_aspm=off unraidcgroup2 Thanks for the answers.
  13. I had to run unraid in an older version to see for myself, and you're right!, sorry about that. Apparently I got it mixed up with something. 😁
  14. What I meant to say is that these two folders are there and were originally visible (in my opinion) in the move/copy dialog of DynamixFileManager. But there is no point in dwelling on that. The main idea @dopeytree understood.
  15. According to me it was possible, but the user shares were hidden under the user and user0 directory, if I remember correctly. It is also possible that I am wrong.
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