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  1. Great, thanks for the information. But still it would be nice to know how this plugin is supposed to work. Is the drive attached the whole time? Is it always mounted? How do I have to set it up? Thanks so much for more information. It seams to be a great way to backup. But I want to understand it before fiddling arround Best. F.
  2. OK, I tried to get it done...But I failed 😞 I am not sure what triggers the script. Is it only on schedule or on connection of the drive? You mention both in the first post: ******* Use the User Scripts Plugin (Unraid Apps) to execute it by schedule Use the Unassigned Devices Plugin (Unraid Apps) to execute it after mounting a USB drive ******* I found two places to enter the script. One in the Unassigned Devices Plugin and one in the User Scripts Plugin? How/where is it supposed to be? It would be perfect if I could just plug in the drive and after getting a message(mail) that the backup is done I just unplug the drive. I really want to learn more - so just point me to the right place where I find the info. I will investigate further - hope I will manage later the day.... Thanks. F.
  3. Hi, I am new to UnRaid. But not totally to Linux - I had a Open Media Vault Box since last week and changed the setup to UNRAID. All is working great an I am very pleased. Now I need a backup solution and found this script. This seems to be great. Sadly I do not find a explanation how to set it up...I read the whole thread but did not find anything...so please point me in the right direction. Thanks. Best. F.