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  1. Tried another 5700g, same graphics issues. It's gotta be a bios setting or a kvm/qemu setting I'm missing. If you happen to get it working again, would you share your bios settings / unraid settings?
  2. I was never able to get video output. The os would always show the gpu, but error 43 after driver install. Only could be done via vnc, Never direct output. Also fyi, the vbios in the thread is from Feb 21 and not the more recent Sept 21. I'm also guessing the gpu shows as an MS generic driver prior to install which is basically no acceleration.
  3. Did you update your bios? the vbios is tied to the bios of your motherboard. It can be extracted with uefi tool searching Cezanne and exporting the corresponding data body. make sure it shows the vbios header when inspecting. What does your dmesg show in terminal when starting your W10/W11 VM? This beta BIOS from march of 22 is showing a vbios date of 9/24/21. So it may not be your issue if your motherboard is similar since no new APUs came out.
  4. My understanding is virtio shouldn't be coming into play with the gpu, only the disk drive and other virtualized components (network, audio, memory ballooning, serial, etc) I ordered a newer 5700g to see if passthrough was somehow added to a later manufactured date. Mine is from launch originally. Will post results. Are you getting display output in any configuration since update unraid?
  5. You may want to edit out your serial number. I was able to get the same results (graphical artifacts, but grub output is visible) through BIOS config changes on my B450M Pro4. Are you saying you were able to use the APU for passthrough on the B450M Pro4? The only things I could think I have wrong is the rom (which I'm using the same as Cezanne.rom posted on page 2 of this thread) or my CPU is faulty or has different microcodes. Did you get yours early into the launch or sometime after?
  6. Thanks! I'm not sure WHAT my issue is related to because I went back to my old board (Asrock B450M Pro4) and was able to get display output on an ubuntu livecd but with nomodeset kernel flag and it would just produce graphical errors similar to the X570 Gaming X. Display would recognize output was active but no actual image using Win10 install CD or the typical Ubuntu live environment without the nomodeset flag. Still not sure what it is but going to stick to gaming on the hypervisor output for now. I did want to ask if you got your 5700g though direct retail or was it possibly an OEM pull.
  7. Completely understand. If you're able, just hit save profile under the save & exit tab to save as a file to a hdd then post here.
  8. Would you be able to share your bios profile and possibly your syslinux config? Feel like I'm hitting my head against a wall using the exact same config with the settings you stated. Really wanted to make use of the 5700g apu for a windows environment.
  9. Could you list your motherboard BIOS version? I've been trying to replicate. I'm able to get HDMI output (which was more than my old board) but it's really only text output. Once it has to render an OS (Windows Install or Ubuntu live environment) it will fail and I'll get lines or a black screen.
  10. This might not be what anyone wants to do, but I ended up installing a desktop environment on my hypervisor to use it as a gaming "machine". It's not used often but it does fulfill adding another gaming seat in the household without adding another massively overpriced gpu. I use proxmox but would imagine unraid could install a desktop environment as well?
  11. Datapoint MSI B450M Pro4. Wasn't able to get video out from 5700g despite passing through successfully. Also tried about everything. Hoping this will be resolved. Currently I use the host as dual function until this works, but would prefer a windows instance instead of linux.