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  1. Later that night I had an idea, I set the inner server node to false and that stopped the blinking. Anyone get the node working that is the one in the main template? I gave up on that and installed a seperate node. I don't even know why they included it in the template, it doesn't work.
  2. I spent all day trying to install Tdarr V2, I must say that I like V1 better and I had no problems with it. Here is what I am struggling with. During the install the main controller Tdarr is supposed to include the node.....but it refuses to install with the main installation and then I am forced to install the node seperately. This causes the main Tdarr with node to blink constantly during encoding video on the GUI. It just looks stupid but the only way I could get it to work is to give the second node that I installed a different name and port so there essentially are two nodes installed but only one is working because the people who designed tdarr are god damn stupid and cant fix all their bugs. I litterally tried everything I can think of and I am an unraid user of 6 months and have used it all day everyday since I installed it. So I am good at installing apps but this one is being a little biotch and doesn't work properly, I want to complain about Tdarr and the people who updated it to V2, It doesnt work properly, I have to do my workaround and install the second node with a different name and port to get it to work on my server. Does anyone know of a better way? Why everywhere I turn there are useless software developers who cant get a, f-ing thing right and I always have to modify it to work? Like when I tried to install ESXi last night on my spare server and the crooks want 1200 bucks for it and it doesnt even come with drivers so the network cards dont work on majority of servers and towers and hardware, morons I tell you, they half ass completed that software left out all the drivers and its useless to me, modify a iso file......yah right I spent 6 hours trying with documentation on the web that was no f-ing good and didn't work either, What are we supposed to do with all this crap software? Make the best of it I guess? It sort of works I mean I can get it to work but its always a hassle and there are glitches in everything and I spend hours in config files fixing mistakes. When are they going to fix the Tdarr template so it installs the node with the controller? Cmon I tried it 16 times and I even deleted the old templates to see if that would help and it didnt. The biotch wouldn't install and when I finally got the node installed it wouldnt encode and I played with it for another 3 hours before I figured out you got to trick it and install a second node with a different name and port. Fuck my life I spend too much time on Unraid, its resilient yet its not, one mistake and I am redoing installations on stuff, its all so finicky when it comes to making adjustments I make small ones only and see if its better. There are two pictures of Tdarr Gui so you can see that the node is blinking. On another topic my server is pretty but it was also pretty expensive and if I knew 6 months sgo what I know now I would have ordered a new enterprise grade server off amazon or ebay for half the price, 6G doesn't get you much these days when parts cost so much for the high end cpus and stuff mine was 500 doller just for the cpu and I bought two cpu, the 5800X and 5600G, and the latter wasn't powerful enough running a hog like Tdarr so I had to upgrade and now I'm stuck with what I paid 900 bucks for two cpus. Anyone out there wanting a unraid server or an upgrade just take a look at enterprise hardware before you dish out at amazon for a desktop model.
  3. How was somone able to get through my router? I realize I have done quite a bit of port forwarding but only my ipaddress is supposed to be able to connect see the rules below. During port forwarding it asks me to "Enter the Source IP address." Think of it like a filter. Unless a connection attempt is coming from the specified source address, the connection will be refused. Source addresses can also be entered using a range of IP addresses, instead of one per line. For example: So how does it work that they were able to connect to my VNC? SSH? some form of very smart hacking I'm sure but if anybody wants to come and tell me how its done so I can build a better defence against it I welcome the feedback. ??
  4. UPDATE. The VM seedbox is achieving up to 30 MB/s with the average being 14 MB/s download on each torrent, I admit It wasn't the best idea to create a Windows VM without a password. I have now created a VNC password and a Windows password and I have disabled the antivirus portion of bitdefender and kept the firewall service active which is all I am really concerned about. It was maxing out one cpu core at all times with 4 allocated with the virus protection running and virues are not a concern just hijacking and hackers. It really has been a good project I am entirely happy with the results of the seedbox they are far beyond what I imagined for speed and certainly it has way faster downloads than UltraSeedbox.com did. They don't really have 50,000GBs connection my gigabit with VPN is around 700MBS and its downloading every torrent 10 times faster than Ultraseedbox ever did. with the slowest torrent around 10 MB/s. I recommend this VM seedbox to others but just keep in mind that every time you change a setting in "edit VM" you need to re-enter a password field, don't leave it blank it needs to be replaced everytime a VM gets edited. and for F sake put a password on Windows don't be like me and get jacked on the first day.
  5. I have become more focused on security since my Unraid server VNC VM VPN Seedbox was hacked, so far here is a list of things I have done to prevent a future attack. I disabled remote access to windows, I closed ports 5800 5900 and a bunch of others. I installed bitdefender security and firewall. I created a tough windows password I created a tough VNC password I set all crucial shares to no access including flash and system and appdata I don't know what more I can do I need open ports for my applications to run luckily there wasn't much damage, the attacker destroyed the vm the first day and I caught him first thing the second time the following day and I had warnings that security settings of windows had been altered. Remote connections to windows I never activated that and obviously he SSH into my VNC and was able to change windows security settings he went for the chrome browser immediately and tried to open a link somewhere but I shut the VM down and when i started it up again, I did not give him time to gain access to it because I changed location of my VPN to albania and I disabled the network adapter while I installed bitdefender. This is a bad day because my paypal got hacked yesterday and they somehow disabled two stage authentication and were able to make purchases through my debit card, it is in dispute right now. I wish VNC was more secure it is an unencrypted connection and if anyone knows how to connect to a VM in a more secure way id apreciate the know how. Fingers crossed, I won't say for sure that they cant get in now and I know there are more ports I need to close that I can live without being open and program access but its alot harder to hijack my VM and entire system now.
  6. As you can see I installed Bitrdefender but I already had NORD installed and that did not do anything to prevent an attack, a VPN does nothing for protection against hackers. OR this hacker.
  7. I have alot of apps installed and I probably do, like port 443 and 80 but they are forwarded to other ports for NGINX. I have added all my shares to the VM so that I could download torrents into the shares so it has access yes, I temporarily closed access to all appdata and flash and every share except mediaserver so that even I cannot access them I am lucky I caught him before he deleted my entire movie library and all my data. I am not sure what a DMZ is. I have all my apps added to reverse proxy so i could access them remotely if I wanted there are roughly 25 ports open. if I have to I will close the ports so that I don't have access to anything except nextcloud and bitwarden but I have about 30 apps installed all can be reached from https:// I uninstalled rclone browser because it used ports 5800 and 5900 and those are the same as teamviewer which the hijacker installed yesterday when he destroyed my vm, he came back today or it was a different hacker I don't know but somone was inside my VM yesterday as well and destroyed it I had to reinstall it I opened the vm at one point and teamviewer was installed and running and I sure as fuck didn't install that. Today I caught them I was watching pretty much all day and an hour ago 5 am in the morning the mouse started moving on its own and the typing started. please help me where can I start tightening security????
  8. Yes, I have a question and i ask it with urgency, tonight I was sitting in front of my computer watching the VM seedbox when the mouse started moving and letters were typing into google chrome, somone was able to hack into my unraid server's Windows VM and change a bunch of security settings and shut off the VPN. I frantically shut down the VM as fast as I could and he didn't have time to delete my shares or cause any other damages that I'm currently aware of but it really scared me how deturmined people are to break into my server, I was able to again secure my server and I changed the VPN location temporarily to albania and I installed bitdefender security on my VM, I was wondering if there are unraid settings that are improperly set or how this individual was able to gain access to my server? Was it through the qbittorrent protocol and open ports? how can i prevent this from happening again because I am usually watching my screen all day long but I cannot promise to sit here and watch a VM window to make sure I'm not getting hacked. I am very upset please give me your technical advise and I want to report this incident to Unraid as version 6.9.2 has a security flaw or I have unknowingly opened one. I want an answer from somone with experience with Unraid security details. How was this hijack able to take place and how can I prevent a future attack? I felt like Ukraine and tthat hijacker is russia. It sucks being a victim I'm just lucky I caught them in time to stop them before they inflicted damages because they were changing settings in my pc faster than I could. Somone answer my questions how I can beef my security?????????????????????????
  9. I had a power outage the other day and it said my hard drive was unmountable. Its lucky it was an empty drive so I just reformatted it but if it hadent been empty what am am supposed to do to fix it? If I had data on the drive i can't format it to make the problem go away. Any ideas? MY Unraid server rebooted when the power came back on because itr is set to fire right back up but I lost a drive, till it was reformatted. Why would I lose an empty new drive?
  10. 3 cores and 3 gb ram seems to be the sweet spot why is that? I get 700mbs down and 800 upload. why does CPU have anything to do with internet speed? The cpu is running at 4% with the VM I am happy with the result the torrenting is really really fast much faster than a docker container. Because I can use Nord Lynx protocol.
  11. "Yes I posted some questions and I want to know is it bad for my new CPU to run a VM all the time, how come when I reduce cores the internet speed test result decreases? Why does it need to much CPU to run a internet speed test I want 600mbs to 700 with a vpn so I need 3-4 cores. Is there a way to further reduce the load on my cpu? it was expensive.
  12. Yes, how do I fix btrfs errors I had the 2 tb mixed with the jobod 3 , 1 Tb drives and I was getting constant errors in the logs, why is this happening and I seperated the drives and it seems to have stopped the errors, why? I don't understand why I cant mix SSD sizes they are all brand new NVME they should not have any errors. Also the first VM went blue screen on me and I had to reinstall the whole seedbox VM is there any way to fix the blue screen of death next time?
  13. See the seedbox NVME drives, I had to seperate it from the cache I was getting btfrs errors when I mixed a 2 tb drive with 3 , 1 TB drives its working better this way
  14. I never hit 30 mbs with a docker install of qbittorrent this is absolutely the fastest way to download torrents.
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