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  1. Okay, that makes sense, thanks for looking into this for me, and thanks for all your work on this plugin (and also explains why when I manually restarted nginx I still had to wait 5 minutes or so for the GUI to come up).
  2. Here are my diagnostics and a screen shots. I wasn't sure if you wanted the UD config page (I believe I left everything at the default) or the page showing the UD tab from main. I have one drive that is used for offline backups, so it isn't typically connected, but is still shown/remembered.
  3. Sorry, I should have been clear. I get a timeout page going to the unraid home page (or other unraid pages such as Dashboard, UD, Main, etc). However, I have dockers, such as Plex that publish their own web page outside of unraid, and those pages are available. The only way to get the unraid pages to come back up is to login via SSH, and start nginx, which shows as not running on system boot when I have UD installed, and I believe is what provides the unraid web front end.
  4. I'm not clear what the screen shot you are asking for would be. In my case when I have unassigned devices plugin installed, after a reboot, there is no unraid web page to display, and when I telnet in nginx isn't running, I can manually start nginx, and after a couple minutes unraid's web page comes up, and all appears normal, until the next reboot.
  5. I'm not sure if anyone else has upgraded to 6.9.0 RC 35 with this installed, but it seems to create an issue for the web console (nginx). When I upgraded to RC 35, the console wouldn't come up, and after some trial and error I determine that it was due to something in unassigned devices plugin (I don't have the plus installed if that helps narrow it down). I could get the Web UI to start by restarting nginx, and waiting about 5 minutes. I verified this by re-adding the unassigned devices plugin, and once again the problem showed up, remove the plugin and the problem goes away. Any sugges
  6. So the plugin causing this for me appears to be unassigned devices, once I removed that the Web UI is back to normal function on boot.
  7. I'll give that a try, I guess I should be clear (after looking at the boot menu for the first time in ???). When I say GUI, I am actually referring to the Web UI, not the GUI option from the boot menu. I tried the Safe mode with no plugins, and the GUI loads, so it looks like I have an issue with a plugin . Now to determine which one...
  8. I have not tried safe mode (keyboard issue on the server doesn't allow me to select options, so may need a new keyboard, although it works after bootup?, just not on the selection screen). I have discovered that on bootup the nginx service reports that it isn't running if I telnet in. If I restart nginx using the rc.d script it reports running, and gives me a 500 server error but if run nginx a couple of times (which comes up with port already in use errors) the GUI does seem to come up on either RC 30 or RC 35.
  9. I just tried to upgrade from RC 30 to RC 35. When I did, I have no GUI, but it appears everything else is up and running (can view my dockers, telnet, and access shares). I reverted to RC 30, and I still had no GUI, but I was able to restart NGINX from the command line in /etc/rc.d. So I reinstalled RC 35, and same issue, no GUI. I tried starting the GUI from the command line, and could only get a 500 error. I didn't see anything in the syslog that stood out to me, so I'm hoping someone else will have a suggestion. I have attached the diagnostics from the first failed install
  10. Are you on the latest version of Unraid? I haven't noticed the issue for the last couple of releases (probably 6.5 onward, but for sure in the 6.6 releases) it hasn't been an issue, although I've only had to reboot for OS upgrades so not very often.
  11. Understood, basically as long as the parity check isn't killing usability (aka getting asked why the rest of the family can't watch a movie), I'm fine with that speed, especially since I think my HBA cards would become a bottleneck shortly after the CPU issue was fixed .
  12. Good to know, and that would make sense now, since it was running about 16-17% which would be one of the six cores at 100 percent. I played with it a bit yesterday and found some things. The md_stripes and md_window don't seem to impact this issue, but the md_sync_thresh is the value that makes a huge difference. If I bump it up to say the 2000 value suggested above, the machine basically locks up, and has to be brought down from the command line. I had to reduce it all the way to 96 to get it so that the call traces don't show up, and I'm able to use the machine normally. The
  13. So I upgraded to 6.6.3, and changed the tunables. When I manually kicked off a parity check, I'm still gettin the slower (600 MB/s) throughput, and I would say the accessibility of the server is worse than before. For example, now not only can I not stream through Plex, SMB shares won't come up, and the log viewer won't come up either. I can also say I don't think it's CPU constrained since the CPU usage never goes above 20% I did discover that with the higher tunable values the server itself became unresponsive (I couldn't view the log, couldn't cancel the parity c
  14. I'm having an issue over the last several parity checks. I've gone from around 75-80 MB/s to 55-60 MB/s and of course the duration has gone up as well, from 11 hours to 14.5. The speed duration isn't a big deal, but I have also noticed that the server itself isn't as responsive while the parity check is running. Previously I was able to use Plex as normal while the parity check was running, but now it buffers or stops during playback if the parity check is running. I had previously changed the tunable attributes, so I changed those back to normal for the last 2 parity checks, but the issu