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  1. So u mean to run rsync -avX --remove-source-files /mnt/"source disk"/"source folder" /mnt/"dest disk"/"dest folder"
  2. Hi again, so I just moved quite a lot of data with mc from disk to disk to equalize the load on the disks but still at my main tab the source disk that was the almost full disk is still almost full even though the data on target disk that I moved seems to has been moved. Meaning that the capacity of the target disk has changed. I did a parity check but still the same. Do I have to do the move with the array stopped? What on earth am I doing wrong???
  3. I followed your advice everything ok, thanks again. I did a stupid thing though. I changed the disks assignment and my dockers disappeared. Then I moved my docker.img from the old disk1 to the new disk1 and now i got the error - Docker Service failed to start.
  4. Ok I think I got it now thank u very much. One more question - what about the dest disk that is now full. Do I just move files with mc for example to other disks? And since its still a mystery why the disk got full from files half its free space do I have to worry about duplicate files and use a tool to fix it? Thanks again
  5. I think I have understood the process but as I mentioned the rsync was not completed because dest disk got full so now I don't know what files have not been transfered and are still only on the source disk. Unless I can do the process you said for both the source and the dest disk and the duplicate files will just be skiped or overwritten.
  6. Do you mean the tools/diagnostics and then the download button and post the file?
  7. I searched the dest disk for vdisks it only had one 30GB. The source disk had none though. So there is no way I can understand how the 700GB of the source disk grew that much to occupy the 1.4TB of the dest disk and without any vdisk in source disk. By the way if I repeat the rsync command with the --sparse flag will it replace and fix these elusive large files that occupy all this space? And what about the --inplace flag could that help? Thanks in advance
  8. Sorry my english are not that good so I have to google what sparse file is. Do you know how can I check if there were any sparce files? And what is right flag and why it was not mentioned on the wiki guide 🤬 Thanks for your help really appreciate it
  9. Obviously I don't have the destination used and free space anymore since the destination drive is full now but the source is 714GB and the 2TB destination disk had 1.4+ TB free. I am thinking that this rsync does something more than just copying files. I am not an expert but I thought that the official guide would be a foolproof process.
  10. So I wanted to replace some of my old small drives with a bigger one. I found this guide from unraid's wiki: https://wiki.unraid.net/Replacing_Multiple_Data_Drives_with_a_Single_Larger_Drive I followed the "Safer method" and at the second part where I copy all the data from the small drive to the bigger one using the "rsync -avX ..." command even though I have doublechecked from the "main" tab that the destination (big new) drive had more than enough space for the data of the smaller drive the proccess has stopped with the following message: rsync: [receiver] write failed on "/mnt/disk1/*******.mp4": No space left on device (28) rsync error: error in file IO (code 11) at receiver.c(378) [receiver=3.2.3] rsync: [sender] write error: Broken pipe (32) What am I suppose to do now? I searched for a duplicate file finder plugin for unraid so I can find all the files that have been copied to the big drive from the small one and delete them so I can redo the process with another way maybe. Please help if anyone has any clue or idea Thank u
  11. Hello again Can I mine different algos supported by xmrig by adding it to the "Additional xmrig Arguments:" field? If not please add an algo option it will be the best!!! Thanks in advance
  12. Yes you should, XMR mining is gaining, with the prices and scarcity of the GPUs many will try CPU mining and Monero.
  13. Yes the logs are what I wanted to see perfect Thanks again ps I left the donation to lnxd-fee, thats you right? Chears!
  14. Nice docker that xmrig, many thanks Now is there a way to connect to that docker and see the console and the miner?