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  1. I get this error trying to install serviio: root@unraid:/boot/plugins# installplg serviio-1.4-1jr-cache.plg installing plugin: serviio-1.4-1jr-cache file /boot/packages/jre-7u2-i586.txz: downloading from http://dl.dropbox.com/u/73389880/jre-files/jre-7u2-i586.txz ... Cookie coming from dl.dropboxusercontent.com attempted to set domain to dl.dropboxusercontent.com Cookie coming from dl.dropboxusercontent.com attempted to set domain to dl.dropboxusercontent.com ERROR: cannot verify dl.dropboxusercontent.com's certificate, issued by `/C=US/O=DigiCert Inc/OU=www.digicert.com/CN=DigiC
  2. The new config operation and read-only parity check with the old 3TB parity drive are complete. The parity check immediately showed 1867 sync errors (Main | Array Operations page), then completed a half day later with no more sync errors. There were zero disk errors (Main | Array Devices page). syslog showed about 40 parity errors, one in sector 128 and all the rest in consecutive sectors (counting by starting at sector 12584. All the top level directories look like they should and the drives look as full as they should. So it looks like my data is intact, with possibly a bit of los
  3. That's fantastic. Thanks! I didn't know you could keep parity with new config/initconfig. I'll get the array back up this way and then do a parity check to see if anything has gone wrong on the data drives. Is there a way to identify which files may be affected if there are sync errors found? Since the data and parity are striped across all drives, I wouldn't think the disk with a bad file could be identified.
  4. It doesn't seem like there are any real options. If I put the old 3TB parity drive back in, the array will think it's a new drive and will want to initialize it, since the array was last running with the 6TB drive for partiy. So if that's true, and the 3TB drive with valid parity is useless now to check the array, I'll have to rebuild parity on the 6TB drive and hope there's no corruption on any other drive.
  5. A syslog of good/running system is attached. There were no logs saved to /boot/logs during the upgrade process even though clean shutdowns were done ever time. unRAID version is 5.0.5. 17 SATA drive array. Drives connected to MSI-7512 motherboard, SAS2LP-MV8, and a 2-port SATA card. 2GB ram. PATA cache drive. - Eric syslog.txt
  6. Hi. I replaced a 3TB parity drive with a new 6TB WD red. After everything was done, I ran a parity check. Sometime between starting it in the morning and coming home from work in the evening, a few drives went offline and the parity check logged about 2 million sync errors per drive. The process I followed was: - ran a parity check with old 3TB parity drive - pre-cleared the new 6TB drive - replaced 3TB parity drive with 6TB drive - rebuilt parity on 6TB drive - ran a parity check with 6TB drive. This is where the drives went offline. I checked all connections and rest
  7. I had to stop reading this thread at page three/post 42 (quoted above). Unraid is a NAS for me. My build is low powered hardware (circa 4 years ago, celeron-based M/B, a $20 video card) in a big case with lots of disk and a few SAS controllers. Under the heaviest NAS loads, it barely uses 5% of the CPU. It idles at about 60 watts when the disks spin down. I can't/don't need/want/won't run multiple VMs using video cards with GPUs -- this is a storage server after all, not a showplace for uber-videocard game play. Yet you claim that grumpy's list of NAS features is complicated and conf
  8. bonienl, If I may add my 2 cents, I would prefer to have the main page untabbed, since it requires an extra click to get to the shutdown button which is the only thing I regularly use the webgui for. Just one extra little click can be perceived as friction depending on my mood... Perhaps everyone could be accommodated by adding an option to make it tabbed (or not) like you've done in "Settings | Display Settings | Show settings page as tab view". I have a lot of drives and a big monitor, but with the table view setting set to narrow, everything should fit fine (for me) without scrolling a
  9. While upgrading a 750GB IDE drive to a 3TB SATA (UPGRADE_DISK) my SAS card went offline along with eight drives. A spontaneous parity CHECK then corrupted the parity drive. I'd like to rebuild parity, but with the data disks mounted read-only. Is this possible? -------------------------------------- The 3TB drive was precleared beforehand and it was on the SAS controller. The parity drive was not on the controller. My unraid version is 5.0-rc16c. It appears that the upgrade terminated way too early, possibly because unmenu restarted, and then a CHECK started and wrote what must
  10. The Disk self-test log displayed in the Disk Health page of the webGui displays information in the wrong columns if the Status message contains a colon. See screenshot attached. The unraid version is 5.0-rc6-r8168-test. - Eric
  11. I just moved the parity drive back to the SAS board. It was on the motherboard where I ran the final test shown in my initial post. Another short test, this time run from the webGui instead of unMenu, completed without error. Any ideas? Thanks, - Eric SMART Attributes Data Structure revision number: 16 Vendor Specific SMART Attributes with Thresholds: ID# ATTRIBUTE_NAME FLAG VALUE WORST THRESH TYPE UPDATED WHEN_FAILED RAW_VALUE 1 Raw_Read_Error_Rate 0x002f 200 200 051 Pre-fail Always - 0 3 Spin_Up_Time 0x0027 148 1
  12. parity drive failure after moving to SASLP-MV8 [The unraid version is 5.0-rc6-r8168-test, running without incident for many months. The SASLP-MV8 firmware is] In the process of updating my server, a parity check failed when the parity disk went offline. I'm uncertain whether to attribute the problem to the new SAS card, cabling, a disk failure, or if everything is ok and I should follow the "trust my parity drive" procedure. SMART indicates it's a drive problem though. The plan was to update the server by replacing two old four-port PCI and PCIe Sil SATA cards with a
  13. You have to look really hard at page 5 of the PDF version of this ad preview to see it, but there's a 3TB Seagate going on sale on black friday at TigerDirect for $89 http://www.fatwallet.com/black-friday/ads/Tiger-Direct/?page=5#siteContentWrap I think it's the ST3000DM001 with a 24 month warranty: http://www.tigerdirect.com/applications/SearchTools/item-details.asp?EdpNo=1310560&CatId=4357 - Eric
  14. That special is over now, but Amazon has them for $149: http://www.amazon.com/Western-Digital-Red-Hard-Drive/dp/B008JJLW4M/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1352922829 - Eric
  15. After starting up the server, I'd like to go straight to the Main page when connecting to unRAID via the web interface. But regardless of the URL (http://tower or http://tower/Main) it goes to the Welcome page the first time after booting up. Is there a configuration parameter to turn off this behavior? OS version is 5.0-rc6-r8168-test - Eric
  16. After installing a new parity disk and running a parity sync to completion around 4-5 hours earlier, and after being refreshed, the Main page on the web interface said that no parity check had been done*. I started a non-correcting parity check and decided to stop it about one minute later. The web interface then said: Last checked on Sat Aug 11 09:02:20 2012 PDT (today), finding 0 errors. * Duration: 18 hours, 25 minutes, 1 second. Average speed: 45.3 MB/sec This is incorrect, since the check was not done. I think the duration and speed are *not* from the previous parity sync,
  17. My array is running 5.0-rc6-r8168-test and SimpleFeatures. I replaced the parity drive with a larger one, restarted the array, and assigned the new drive as the parity drive. I didn't take note of the exact message, but the first line in the Array Status area of the Main page said that the Start button would bring the array online and start a parity sync. (There may have been an "are you sure?" checkbox.) I brought the array online. The parity sync did not start as indicated in the message. I started the sync by pressing the parity sync button and it is running. Of course, this
  18. This old bug is still around in 5.0-rc6-r8168-test. http://lime-technology.com/forum/index.php?topic=1021.0. Teracopy fails randomly with this error while copying files from Windows 7 to the array when the unRAID disks are exported using samba and mounted in Windows. Over the last week, my server has been upgraded from 4.5.4 to 4.7 then 5.0-rc6-r8168-test, with parity checks before/after each step. HPA's were removed to enable the OS upgrades and one drive was replaced with a bigger one. I wiped my flash before putting 5.0-rc6-r6168-test on it. SimpleFeatures is installed. Otherwise, this
  19. Thanks, Joe. I'll see if I can set in for AHCI in the bios. Yes, I really have two old IDE drives in the system, 500GB and 750GB. I feel like a dunce for not finding the posts here about banishing the HPA with SeaTools and HDDGuru when this came up in the winter, so I'll put the drives in a windows machine and try them if AHCI doesn't improve the situation. - Eric
  20. Can anybody say if the 5.0-rc4 kernel has what it takes for hdparm to remove the HPA from my IDE drives? - Eric
  21. Thanks. Booting up under 4.7 confirms that HPA is the trouble. But there's nothing to be done to fix it, at least under this OS, because hdparm says: # hdparm -N /dev/hda /dev/hda: The running kernel lacks CONFIG_IDE_TASK_IOCTL support for this device. READ_NATIVE_MAX_ADDRESS_EXT failed: Invalid argument I guess I'll just stick to 4.5.4 until I need to replace these drives. - Eric
  22. I have two IDE drives in a mostly SATA system. After upgrading from 4.5.4 to 4.7, these two disks are reported as DISK_WRONG. The main web page reports that the drives are 4 bytes smaller than the recorded (or expected) size. See the attached screenshot for the Main menu report which shows the correct disk serial numbers but different sizes. - Eric Mar 8 19:42:38 Tower kernel: md: import disk11: [3,0] (hda) ST3750640A 5QD35X17 size: 732573492 Mar 8 19:42:38 Tower kernel: md: disk11 wrong Mar 8 19:42:38 Tower kernel: md: import disk12: [8,80] (sdf) Hitachi HDS5C302 ML0220F30LE4VD si
  23. I've taken a stab at getting squeezeserver 7.5.1 running on unraid. Installed perl 5.10 via unmenu. Installed squeezeserver on /mnt/disk1. Worked through the password and file protection and ownership issues and nothing worked, running into same roadblocks as others have reported. That is, I got the server running after protection/ownership was dealt with but couldn't get it to catalog files on unraid drives. Added a cache drive and reinstalled slimserver there, hoping that a file system not managed by unraid would make slimserver happy. It was happier (ie, it *could* find UUID/tiny.pm wh