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  1. In the US, most people work the week prior to Thanksgiving which always occurs on a Thursday. If you live in the US, @trurl, hasn't that been your experience too? Then again, there were times I used 3-4 vacation days and adjacent weekends to get nine days off. OTOH, small business owners generally don't take holidays. I sure didn't. My questions were posted three days before Thanksgiving. If they decided to not answer here and write a FAQ or update license terms instead, it would have been courteous to let us know after offering to "answer [all questions here] until we're all exhausted" last Sunday.
  2. Do you have updated license terms and a privacy policy that can be reviewed, that include answers to relevant questions above?
  3. Aside from these questions of data storage, security, and privacy, could you describe what the user experience would be like if a license holder kept a server logged out of UPC and only turned it one for short periods of time to use MyServer capabilities? For example, there might be gaps in information about the server the would limit the usefulness of MyServer features, or extra steps might be needed before those features could be used.
  4. What services do you plan to offer through the MyServer plugin that will not otherwise be available to licensed users who have opted out of UPC?
  5. What services are offered through the MyServer plugin that are not otherwise available to license holders who opt out of UPC?
  6. What information is shared through the forum to the license holder, to other forum users, or to anyone else besides Limetech and forum users?
  7. If you store that information, and the license holder later opts out of using UPC and the MyServer plugin, how can the license holder remove all such information from your systems?
  8. What information is sent from licensed servers to limetech’s cloud via UPC and the MyServer plugin? Please be thorough in your description.
  9. Will you take questions about MyServers here, or only UPC? I noted my confusion mixing the two together. I could start a new thread for the MyServers issues that have been raised by others and myself if you like.
  10. If his thumb drive breaks, he's FORCED to opt in to continue using unraid if the only way to authorize a new thumb drive is via UPC. (How he would do that with a server that won't boot is another Catch-22). If he wants to comment on MyServers in the MyServers sub-forum, he's FORCED to opt in. If he wants to make use of new features that are only made available to opted-in users in the future, he'll be FORCED to opt in. In the video, Jon mentions the difficulty of setting up secure remote access and how MyServers simplifies that. If he wants to use that feature, he's FORCED to opt in. Come to think of it, if he chooses to not opt in, he becomes a second-class user.
  11. I've received lots of help on this forum over the years. I've also had lots of issues that haven't been answered here. Jon actually mentions that problem in the video as one motivation for building MyServers, to make things easy for "less sophisticated users" who run into dead ends. But the forum is full of obsolete posts, obsolete documentation, unsolved problems, dated information he also acknowledges as a problem for users. Please note that I'm not taking potshots at community members who provide support on this forum. There are too many users, too many problems, too many new features with, unfortunately, too many bugs. Limetech and the forum has been doing a precarious balancing act for years. If limetech wants to continue scaling, they need to automate support requests and provide better support. UPC and MyServers appear to be a step in that direction. As pointed out earlier, through that mechanism, they get fuller info about the server being supported.
  12. Thanks for the video. I have the "confusion in the user base" Jon spoke of in the video. I didn't use MyServers in 6.9 so was never exposed to UPC. And the features of MyServers in the 6.10.0-rc topic are of course tied to UPC and I didn't make a clean distinction between the two. That said, pretty much all guarantees and clarifications Jon made in the video relate to UPC, and pretty much all my concerns relate to snooping in MyServers. He only gives guarantees regarding UPC. Here's a transcript of the relevant part, my best effort to be accurate, but not 100% guaranteed: The last sentence seems to imply that I could get key service without using UPC since I'm a long time customer. That would be nice. But it actually implies OS updates only. Still, my real concern is not an active connection between the key management backend and my server via UPC, but between MyServers, limetech's cloud backend, and the forum. There will inevitably be a loss of support-related features if I stay opted out of MyServers, and an increase in the attack surface for all unraid systems that are connected. As long as I can stay opted out of MyServers, it should be okay, so long as yet another company won't require that I hand over my privacy for licenses and services already paid for.
  13. @Squid Thanks for adding that screenshot of My Servers to your post. Seems like you have quite a few servers --- I hope nobody cracks the protocol and installs some "security" updates that commandeer your machines in the future. I personally don't see any use case for having that information accessible by logging into the forum. It would only be useful to possibly administer my one server (or more if I had more) remotely over the web when that eventually happens, right?. I don't intentionally expose my machines outside my lan so I don't need this.
  14. If licensing moves to UFC now, and security notifications to MyServer now, it's pretty much inevitable that bug reports and support requests and diagnostics will move to UFC/MyServers in the future. Using unraid with these new requirements will be just like most web properties now. Yet this is not a web-hosted application! Your comparison with amazon, a web-hosted business, is not correct. Windows or OS/X or iOS or spying for Microsoft or Apple are better analogs to what's going on here. FYI, I was not misinterpreting "each signed-in server". Most users (and I) only have one, and since everything is linked via UFC to a forum login, it's only reasonable to read the release notes in this context where "each" is "all", not "just yours". Perhaps the author should edit the post if only the user's server/servers are shown. I appreciate that you're a developer and have some insight into what's being built, but I don't think you represent limetech or can predict what will follow the camel's nose into the tent. It's pretty much guaranteed that any behavioral surplus freely given to limetech by tying our operating systems into limetech's forum and cloud will get monetized with negative consequences for our privacy.
  15. Ironic. I would have posted this topic in the MyServers sub-forum, but following regulation Catch-22, I had to install 6.10.0-rc, turn on UFC, and set up the MyServers plug-in to comment there.
  16. From the release topic: "My Servers is what we call our set of cloud-based or cloud-enabled services and features that integrate with your Unraid server(s). Once installed here are some of the features of My Servers: My Servers Dashboard - when logged into the forum a new My Servers menu item appears. Clicking this brings up a Dashboard which displays a set of tiles representing each signed-in server. Here you can see real-time status such as whether the server is online or offline, storage utilization and other information. In addition, links are created to bring up a server webGUI, either locally on the LAN or remotely over the Internet (if Remote Access has been enabled)." It says, "each signed-in server". There will be thousands of signed-in servers. I can't see why limetech would display all servers in a dashboard to all users...
  17. From the RC release topic: "Starting with this release, it will be necessary for a new user to either sign-in with existing forum credentials or sign-up, creating a new account via the UPC in order to download a Trial key. All key purchases and upgrades are also handled exclusively via the UPC." This is more than key replacement. How much support will be moved to MyServers? Will I no longer be able to submit logs when I have a problem, but instead will have to allow staff onto my machine via UPC and MyServers? Or follow a bug submission process that requires UFC and MyServers? From the RC release topic: "Notification of critical security-related updates. In the event a serious security vulnerability has been discovered and patched, we will send out a notification to all email addresses associated with registered servers." limetech already has my email address from when I purchased my keys. It is disingenuous to say I have to use UFC to get email notifications.
  18. I'd like to opt out of being required to use the new User Profile Component (UPC) in 6.10 and all following releases. How can I do that? If you're unfamiliar with this new feature of 6.10.0, it's the first feature described at the top of the 6.10 release candidate topic. This new requirement, to have my OS connected to limetech's cloud via the new UPC, is appalling to me. Let's suppose some enterprising hackers commandeer limetech's cloud and turn all home servers running unraid into a botnet for some nefarious purpose. I do not want to be exposed to such liability, to be an unwilling participant. Nor do I want my server to appear amongst thousands of other servers in forum dashboards. What is limetech's business purpose for using the information gleaned from our servers? Surely it's more than simply transferring license keys between thumb drives with all the "extras" that UPC enables. Why isn't the community in an uproar about having our personal systems roped into another corporation? Thanks, - Eric
  19. @omnicorp How does unraid verify the drive's "signature" against the key file without being a flash drive? Thanks, - Eric
  20. @mattie112 I've created a bootable VHDX with a copy of my flash drive's contents. unraid's boot menu displays, and unraid will start to boot, but it fails while creating the virtual file system with these messages: /dev/root: Can't open blockdev VFS: Cannot open root device "(null)" or unknown-block(0,0): error -6 Please append a correct "root=" boot option: here are the available partitions: [no partitions are listed] Kernel panic - no syncing: VFS: Unable to mount root fs on unknown-block(0,0) How were you able to boot an unraid guest under hyper-v? Thanks, - Eric
  21. Hi. I built a new system around a Supermicro M12SWA-TF motherboard and threadripper pro CPU. It's been running headless for a week now with video and keyboard on the BMC controller to access IPMI and unraid's boot screen. I just installed an RTX 3060 PCIe video card and am trying to get the system working with it. The UEFI bios is set to send VGA to the PCIe video card. The system and unraid work with the video card: during boot, diagnostics come to the monitor connected to the 3060 and the login prompt displays. When I choose to boot unraid in GUI mode, however, after the boot diagnostics display, when I'd otherwise expect the login prompt, the screen clears and displays a cursor at the top left corner of the monitor, as if unraid's GUI can't talk the the 3060. If this is a driver issue, how would I resolve it? I'm not familiar with how video drivers are installed from the shell on a headless linux setup, and if they're available through apt-get or similar, how would I make this persist the flash without having to reinstall on every boot? Second, assume this gets resolved, and also assume I get the video passthru to a windows VM working. I've already installed a windows VM and can access it from the VNC viewer in a browser or through RDP when the system is headless (without a gui boot). How would I set things up so unraid would start the VM such that it displays directly to the monitor via the 3060? In other words, without any user interaction, this machine should appear to boot into windows on the attached display. Thanks, - Eric