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  1. Wow, renaming the share from 'homes' to something else did the trick. I feel kind of silly for not trying this myself, but similarly I feel this should be documented somewhere! Either way, it's all working now. Thank you very much for the tip!
  2. Hi all, I've been using Unraid for a little over half a year now, but I have one issue that has plagued me since the start: I have a specific share (called homes) that I'm unable to connect to over SMB. I get error messages on both Windows and macOS (multiple PCs) when trying to open the share, even though it's configured exactly the same as some other shares (all of which work fine over SMB). I can browse the folder in a terminal session just fine and browsing through Unraid's web interface also works. The error I'm getting on Windows is: Windows cannot access \\***\homes Error code: 0x80070043 The network name cannot be found. I have checked the share settings multiple times: homes Export: Yes Case-sensitive names: Auto Security: Private And the user I'm connecting with has Read/Write access (like my other shares). I have no clue why this one specific share doesn't want to connect. I've already tried SMB 1.0 support in Windows features and enabling insecure guest logins through Group Policy, but nothing had an effect (sort of expected, since the problem is across Windows and macOS clients). Hoping you have some sort of clue to help me figure this out. Thanks!