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  1. 这个网页显示的有问题,htop命令下看到的负载其实并不高
  2. 注意此方案只支持unraid 6.10,6.9是肯定不行的,需要改系统文件。 rtl8761buv 是一款蓝牙5.1的usb芯片,奇怪的是在rtl官网没有找到对应的页面 驱动的文件在这里可以找到: 下载: 重命名为 rtl8761bu_fw.bin 下载: 重命名为 rtl8761bu_config.bin 放到 /lib/firmware/rtl_bt 目录下 权限改成 644 即可
  3. Glad to see that this problem has been fixed in 6.10.0, but because unraid lacks the necessary driver, users using rtl8761bu need to release the driver to the corresponding location by themselves Note that the corresponding files are named as described in this post
  4. 主要问题是如果内核支持的话,应该开放用户手动下载硬件驱动的功能,而不是两手一摊:我们是精简内核,没有打包全部驱动,然后就什么都不管了。
  5. 但是我做过测试,现在我就是有校验盘的情况下,SMB传文件还是能跑满千兆……
  6. 如果官方能在GUI上支持这个功能就好了。
  7. I bought a bluetooth usb device using rtl8761bu chip, it can drive in unraid6.9.2 version, but when I run `bluetoothctl` scan on, it can't scan any device. When looking for information, I found the kernel patch and the temporary solution. patch: temp: I followed the temporary solution and completed the following repair script #!/bin/sh set -e ko_path=/lib/modules/"$(uname -r)"/kernel/drivers/bluetooth sudo cp "${ko_path}"/btusb.ko.xz "${ko_path}"/btusb.ko.xz.bak xz -dkf "${ko_path}"/btusb.ko.xz xxd "${ko_path}"/btusb.ko | sed 's/ca04 0540/5025 6187/g' |xxd -r > "${ko_path}"/btusb.ko.mod mv "${ko_path}"/btusb.ko.mod "${ko_path}"/btusb.ko xz -f "${ko_path}"/btusb.ko chmod 644 /lib/modules/"$(uname -r)"/kernel/drivers/bluetooth/btusb.ko.xz sudo cp /boot/config/custom/firmware/rtl8761b* /lib/firmware/rtl_bt chmod 644 /lib/firmware/rtl_bt/rtl8761b* modprobe -r btusb && modprobe btusb the usb device worked successfully. Please let me know if this is fixed in 6.10.
  8. 某宝随便挑了一个带天线的,看他页面说明里面有张图显示他win7打的rtl8721buv的驱动,我找了rtl8721b的驱动,结果还没装驱动,插usb上直接就驱起来了。。。
  9. dontstarve needs a 64-bit version. if you run the 32-bit server and use the 64-bit client, you would find you can walk on the sea, and could never save your profile in the server. I realized this problem after several failures. You can refer to this commit to upgrade 32-bit to 64-bit, but the best practice should be to create another branch to maintain the 64-bit version.
  10. 因为qb需要upnp,所以bridge肯定是不行的,那么如果选host的话,直接在配置里修改端口就好了。
  11. 你至少得上个docker的启动参数和tr的配置页面吧。
  12. unraid用的docker ce吧,默认是btrfs驱动,应该是为了管理docker images更方便。